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How to report Xbox One OneGuide problems using OneGuide Issue Reporter

Microsoft undoubtedly rules the gaming world. In addition to having a strong video-game platform, it acts a conduit to all sorts of fabulous online entertainment via OneGuide. This feature of Xbox One lets you watch TV through Xbox One with your controller or voice commands. In short, it lets you control your cable- or satellite-TV set-top box using voice and gesture commands. To watch TV, you first need to open OneGuide by simply pressing the X button on your controller and say “Hey Cortana, watch TV” or select Live TV from the OneGuide hub. That said, you can sometimes experience

That said, you can sometimes experience problems when accessing Xbox One OneGuide. If you find that XboxOne OneGuide is not working or the Channel list or show information is incorrect or missing use OneGuide Issue Reporter.

The problems you face could be any of these, like:

  1. Missing TV lineup
  2. Missing channel
  3. Wrong program info
  4. Wrong channel
  5. Audio problem
  6. Video problem.

OneGuide Issue Reporter on Xbox One

The OneGuide Issue Reporter is available under the TV & OneGuide settings, Troubleshooting section.

When found, scroll left from Home and double-tap the Xbox button to open the guide.

Next, navigate to the Settings section and then All settings.

Thereafter, find the TV & OneGuide option. Next, move to troubleshooting section by selecting the Troubleshooting option.

Now, select Report a OneGuide problem and choose ‘Report issue for your cable or satellite box’ or ‘Report issue for your USB TV tuner.

Select ‘Select One’ to access the drop-down menu that lists the issues you can report and select the issue you want to report.

Finally, click ‘Next’.

Now, once you’ve selected the issue, the OneGuide Issue Reporter will request you to enter more information.

When done, simply press the Menu button on your Xbox controller to select Enter.

In the end, select ‘Next’ to give a detailed account of your problem and after completing the report, return to your previous activity. That’s it!

Please note that OneGuide only supports a limited set of features or menus on set-top boxes. You’ll have to use your remote to access other features on your set-top box.


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