How to keep Scrollbars always visible in Windows 10 now

Back when Windows 10 launched v1709, it included a smart system called Microsoft Fluent Design System. Obviously, it was the first wave with promises to improve upon it with simultaneous updates. Of all the smart features conscious controls are among the most prominent. They help recognize movements across the system and try to judge the intent of the user so that the controls adapt to the environment and respond accordingly.

One of the conscious controls are the conscious scrollbars. They appear which the user scrolls the mouse to the exact location of the scrollbar, thus giving the system an impression that the user wants to use it. Perhaps, Microsoft’s intention while designing such a structure to avoid any distractions for the user while working. However, the company’s noble intentions apart, many users weren’t happy with the changes. Two reasons were that most presumed they actually lost the scrollbar forever when they didn’t find it initially and secondly that the response of the scrollbars re-appearing was slow.

Keep Scrollbars always visible in Windows 10

With the Windows Update v1803 in April 2018, Microsoft acknowledged the feedback and made it optional for those who wanted to fix the scrollbar at its place.

To access this setting, you have to click on the Start button and then the gear-like symbol to open the Settings app.

Next choose Ease of Access from the options.

Among the tabs on the left-hand side, select Display.

Under “Simplify and personalize Windows,” find the Automatically hide scrollbar in Windows toggle switch and switch it to Off.

Keep Scrollbars always visible in Windows 10

Close the Settings app.

Now the scrollbars would be visible with whatever app we open on the system going forward.

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