How to install QuickTime & play MOV video files in Windows 10

QuickTime is a proprietary video format from Apple. It was supported on Windows till recently until Apple decided not to anymore. So how do you play QuickTime videos in Windows 10? There are a couple of ways to do it, and it also includes an official method as well.

How to play QuickTime files in Windows 10

You have three methods using which you can play QuickTime MOV video files in Windows 10:

  1. Install QuickTime on Windows 10
  2. Use Windows Media Player
  3. Use third-party media players

Unless you are hooked into the Apple ecosystem, the chances of encountering a MOV file is rare. However, if you are into editing videos and use a DSLR, you do need to play those files on your Windows 10 computer.

1] Install QuickTime on Windows 10

How to play QuickTime in Windows 10

Apple still has QuickTime installation files on their support website. However, do note that the support stopped in 2016. Apple is not responsible if you use it, and get into any trouble. Once you install it, you should be able to play the MOV files just like how you play any video file on your computer.

If at all you wish to use QuickTime Player, we will suggest using make sure you need it. It is best to use Windows Media Player or any of the third party application keeping in mind the security concern.

Also when installing QuickTime, install the player alone. Skip the part where you can choose to install Plug-in, picture viewer, etc.

2] Windows Media Player

Did you know Windows Media Player supports QuickTime Movie format? I am sure not many know of it. Windows Media Player comes pre-installed on Windows, if not you can download and install it.

3] Use third-party media players

Apart from the default player, you can also choose to use other media players like VLC and many more which can play QuickTime format on Windows 10.

We hope you chose to use the Windows Media player and third-party players to play the MOV files. Unless some other apps need to have QuickTime for Windows installed, we suggest you give it a pass.

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