How to automatically transfer photos from camera to Windows computer

Most of us tend to enjoy taking photos with a standalone camera or a smartphone. Every smartphone comes with a camera these days, therefore, we can claim to be impressive photographers. Now, after taking many photos with your favorite device, you’re likely wondering what is the best way to get the images onto your Windows 10 computer. If you’re using a modern smartphone, then that task should be as easy as they come.

Automatically transfer photos from camera to Windows computer

However, if you’re using a standalone camera, the easy aspect might not be the case at all. What you’ll need, then, is a tool that was designed from the ground up to have photos transferred from a camera to a computer. The tool in question is called WIA-Loader – and it offers a Portable version too!

We have to say, while the user interface isn’t anything impressive, what matters the most is how this app works.

WIA-Loader for Windows PC

Freeware WIA-Loader will automatically transfer images from a digital camera, Flash card or smartphone to your Windows computer. It also lets you Import and Manage photos. Once you’ve launched the application for the first time, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to create an import profile. It offers the following tabs:

  1. Import/Export
  2. Settings
  3. View
  4. Tools

1] Import/Export

WIA-Loader for Windows PC

OK, so you might be ready now to import or export image files among other things. To do that, click on File, then select Import/Export, and from there you should see a new window. Now, this window will give the option to either import or export Profiles, Settings, Tags, Window settings, Image database, Filetypes, Device database, and Keyword history.

Users can select the ones they want or everything under the sun. After that, click the Import or Export button to get the job done.

2] Settings

If you’re interested in customizing WIA-Loader, then the Settings area is the best place to look. Here, you’ll have the ability to look at image metadata, tags, file types, and much more. To get there, simply click on File, then Settings, and from there, choose the option you need.

Should you click on the General section, you’ll see the ability to connect to the last device you’ve used after starting the program each time, show hints, and whether to use background process for long running tasks. Do you want to automatically load previews and retrieve EXIF data on demand? No problem, this is very much possible.

There’s a lot the user can do here, which also includes automatic image selection, and that’s great.

3] View

automatically transfer photos from camera to Windows computer

Well, this section is pretty straight to the point and shouldn’t require a description. Since WIA-Loader is a photo transfer app, then it means the View tab is all about how images are shown. Folks can select to show thumbnails for each photo and the underlying details.

If that’s not enough, then how about grouping thumbnails by date? Yes, that’s cool too. Now, we also like the ability to sort images in a particular way, and we’re certain many will want to use this.

4] Tools

Looking at the Tools tab we can see several things to choose from, but they won’t do much outside of saving logs, sending log files, looking at the device information, camera control, and more. This section is primarily used for when things have failed to go as planned.

For most users, they may never have to use the Tools tab if they’re not doing anything overly drastic.

Download WIA-Loader right now from the official website.

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