How to Annotate Webpages and eBooks in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has always been endorsed as a browser built for the modern web. It was first introduced as codenamed Project Spartan on January 21st, 2015. They showed off a major feature that works along with Inking Capabilities of Windows 10. The user can do a lot of task with the browser that feels just natural. This includes a number of annotating techniques with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709; Build 16299) like Inking and drawing, highlighting, Commenting, Note Creation, and most importantly EPUB eBook Support. This means that Microsoft Edge will not be just PDF reader, it will be your inbuilt eBook reading for Windows 10. Also, users are now able to download eBooks directly from the Microsoft Store.

Annotate Web pages & eBooks using Edge

Let us just go by these annotation features one by one.

Inking and Drawing capabilities in Microsoft Edge

Now, once you have opened Microsoft Edge, hit CTRL + Q and click on Books menu. Now you will have a centralized hub where you can find all the books that you have purchased/downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Annotate eBooks in Microsoft Edge

The UI/UX you experience on your screen might differ from the one in the screenshot above as I am running a pre-release version of Windows 10.

Now, if you have an EPUB ebook file which you didn’t get from the Microsoft Store, you can still open it on Microsoft Edge.

Now, after you open it in Microsoft Edge, you will have to use a lot of user-friendly annotation features to use it as you would expect on a regular paper book.

For example, when you select a text, you will see six different options popping up. The first one is to highlight the text that is important.

Here are a variety of colors to choose from in order to select the text.

After that comes the Underline button. The selected text will be underlined. This is another useful marking technique that we use while reading a real book.

Some people, often have a habit of writing comments and taking notes inside the book itself. And believe it or not, Microsoft has got you covered here as well. The comment/notes button allows you to take notes and share it with your peers or make references later on.

Well, right clicking is a task for some people and especially touch users. Hence, Microsoft provides a Copy button to copy the text and use it anywhere else in the Operating System environment.

Cortana is claimed to be worlds only Personal digital assistant, and if you live in one of those regions where Cortana is supported, you are in luck. The Ask Cortana button will help you quickly find information by just selecting a word and clicking on Ask Cortana. Whether it is a meaning of a word that you don’t understand or anything else, Cortana is your reliable companion.

The Share Button helps you to quickly share the highlighted text with your friends. Whether it is a random quote or an important clause in a document, your productivity never stops!

As of now, this feature is just available for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PC only. We really appreciate the new features and enhancements being put on Microsoft Edge where features like Inking make it stand out from other rivals like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Edge has some awesome features and in my opinion, Microsoft needs to take more efforts in convincing users to switch from other market leaders like Chromeor Firefox. With support for really great collection of extensions and support, I prefer to use Edge as my primary Browser and recommend it to everyone to give it a try.

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