3 Methods to Hide Gridlines in Excel

In this port we will see how to hide the Gridlines in Microsoft Excel. The horizontal and vertical faint lines that represent the boundaries and are used to distinguish cells on the worksheet are called ‘Gridlines’. By default, gridlines are displayed in worksheets using a color that is assigned by Excel.

hide gridlines in excel

Hide Gridlines in Excel

If you do not like the default color, you can change it to a color of your choice or even remove them. What are the benefits that Gridlines offer in a worksheet?

Firstly, they make your data-tables readable when they are without a border and second, gridlines make it easier for you to align text or objects. That said, removing gridlines make your worksheet look a lot more presentable. Should you wish to remove the gridlines, here are the steps you can follow.

We cover here 3 methods to hide gridlines in Excel Worksheet.

Hide Gridlines in Excel using Traditional Method

Navigate to the “View” tab on the Excel ribbon. Under it search for the Gridlines option in ‘Show’ section.

Gridlines option

When found, uncheck the “Gridlines” option and the gridlines will be hidden, instantly.

Alternatively, you can choose to hide the grid lines from “Page layout” and uncheck the Gridlines “View” option.

Page layout

Remove Excel gridlines by using the shortcut key

If you use Windows shortcuts frequently to perform various tasks, here’s another for you. To hide gridlines in Excel worksheet using a Windows shortcut key. Press “Alt + W+V+G” key in combination and see the magic work.

Hide Gridlines in Excel by changing background colour:

A very simple way of hiding the grid lines in Excel is by changing their background colour so that it matches the worksheet background.

To begin, press Ctrl key + A in combination to select all the rows and columns of the spreadsheet. Then, click the “Fill Color” option and select the white colour.

color changes

If your find for some reason your Excel Worksheet grid lines are invisible and do not appear by default. You can show them by pressing keys “Alt + WVG” or checking the ‘Gridlines’ option again (highlighted in the first method to make the gridlines clearly visible.

Enjoy a grid-less Excell worksheet!

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