Group Speed Dial for Firefox: Keep the most important internet sites at your fingertips

Are you a Mozilla Firefox user? Do You spend a lot of time browsing the Internet? Then this article could excite you! While Internet Browsing activity is quite rewarding for most of us, sometimes it does get frustrating; especially when you need quick access to something. It might make us feel impaired in such situations. This is exactly where specialized add-ons like Group speed dial for Firefox come to the rescue.

Standard bookmarks are old school?

Speed Dials have been around for quite some time now and have been slowly and steadily replacing the standard bookmarks. You may ask, Why? This is because Speed Dials are faster, additionally, Speed Dial Groups allow you to keep your webpages better organized.

Group Speed Dial for Firefox

Group speed dial for Firefox isn’t an ordinary speed dial function but allows the users to keep the most important internet pages at their fingertips. The goal of this extension is to provide quick and efficient access to your favorite websites and browsing history using groups (folders) in the “New Tab” page.

Group Speed Dial for Firefox is also called a visual bookmark. This Mozilla Firefox extension lets you access your favorite webpages from practically anywhere and anytime in an organized fashion. In essence, it allows the user to achieve his/her goals without making compromises. All dials and thumbnails are synced through cloud between devices and all supported browsers at no cost. In addition, users can easily import their dials from popular add-ons.

Top features of group speed dial for Firefox

Group speed dial for Firefox integrates a rich set of useful features:

  1. Free cloud synchronization: Sync dials between multiple browsers and devices at no extra cost!
  2. Quick registration: Register your existing Facebook, Twitter and Gmail account in a few simple clicks.
  3. “Cloud Dials” feature: Possibility to access your dials in any web browser or on your smartphone.
  4. Easy imports: Import from other common add-ons and browsers.
  5. Active development
  6. Advertisement free
  7. Secured with encrypted HTTPS connections
  8. Nested groups with up to 9×9 Dials
  9. Local history for easy “undo”
  10. Free (for personal use)

Dial notes, Search, Automatic generation of thumbnails, Custom background, and thumbnails, Drag&Drop support, history, are just a few of the other useful features of Group Speed Dial on Firefox.

How to use Group Speed Dial for Firefox

Once this extension is added to the browser its icon appears beside the “Open Menu”.

Group Speed Dial for Firefox

1] Create Groups

To create groups, click on the “Group Speed Dial” icon, and hit “Add this page to dial”.

Group Speed Dial for Firefox

Then, click “+” sign to create a new group.

Group Speed Dial for Firefox

You can edit individual group details, like the position, name, columns, rows, dials ratio and more. Enter details and “Save Changes”.

Group Speed Dial for Firefox

The new group will now appear below the browser toolbar.

Group Speed Dial for Firefox


2] Add pages to Dial

To add the pages to dial, select Target Empty Dial for Page – Open Webpage that you wish to add to the dial, now click on the “Group Speed Dial” icon, and hit “Add this page to dial

Group Speed Dial for Firefox


3] Select the group for the webpage

You can create many groups with the help of this extension and organize your webpages in a much organized and clean manner. Furthermore, the Cloud Dials feature in this application offers the possibility to access your custom-made dials in any web browser and even on your smartphone.

Group Speed Dial for Firefox

Advantages of Group Speed Dial for Firefox

The rich set of useful features are going to power your browsing activity, keeping that aside here are few prominent advantages of using this extension:

  1. The user can access their websites on other browsers
  2. Enhanced browser experience
  3. Provides more overview with several windows
  4. Multiple useful features.

Concluding thoughts

All in all, if you are done with bookmarks and Firefox’s conventional Speed Dial you can surely rely on Group Speed Dial for Firefox. It has everything you need for an awesome and hassle-free browsing experience.

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