How to group Apps and Games on Xbox One

One of the major features to Xbox One in July Update is letting users group apps, and games.  This makes it a lot easier to get access to your games, and apps easily without putting your time to search them, especially if you have tons of those on your console. This is similar to creating folders on Start Screen on Windows 10 PC.  In this guide, we will learn how to group Apps and Games on Xbox One.

Features of Groups:

  • You can add it to Home Screen, and change order.
  • Add apps, and games even if they are not installed on your console.
  • If you have more than one console, it syncs across consoles.

How to group Apps & Games on Xbox One

Just before I start, lets clear how Group and Pins are different. Pins are now a special case of Groups which can have only one instance. You can add as many apps, and games to pins. They cant be renamed, or you cannot create one more PINS section.

Create and Add Apps to a group

  • Open the Guide menu by pressing on the Xbox Button on the controller.
  • Select press A on “My Games & Apps.”
  • Instead of opening the actual section, you get a new Menu.
    1. See All
    2. Access to PINS
    3. Lists all the groups
    4. Option to create a new group.Create Groups in Xbox One
  • Select Create a new group at the bottom, and press A.
  • Choose a name which suits this group.
  • This will open a new window where you can select a list of apps and games to include.
  • Press A to select, and then select add.

Add Apps Games to Xbox One

You can install games which are not installed on your Xbox, but you have purchased them. Probably you can have a list of games you can play later. Makes it much easier to get back to them.

How to Add the group to the dashboard

While the guide is the best place to access all your groups, you can add them to the Xbox One Home Screen as well.

  1. Open the Guide with the Xbox button > Select My games & apps  >  Groups
  2. Select the group you want to pin to the dashboard, and press the menu button on the controller.
  3. Select Add to Home to pin it to the main dashboard.

Move Groups in Home Screen

This will add to the main dashboard but will be listed at the end if you have PINS or groups already available. You need to select a group from the home screen, use the menu button, and move it up.

How to remove a game or app from a group

The group’s menu is available whenever you press the menu button on the controller when on app or game. You can use it from anywhere. So if you want to remove a single game or app from a group, follow this:

  1. Open the Guide with the Xbox button > Select My games & apps. This will reveal the list of Groups and Pins.
  2. Expand the group which has that game.
  3. Select the game using the d-pad, and then press the menu button.
  4. You will have the option to remove the game from that game.

Remove an app or game from Xbox One Groups

How to delete, move or rename a group

  • Go to the Groups section under My Apps and Games from the guide menu.
  • Highlight the name of the group by scrolling using the d-pad
  • Press the menu button, and you will have options to Rename, and Remove group.

Rename Delete Groups on Xbox One

Note: Deleting a group using Remove option will not uninstall your games.

Bulk Manage Groups

Delete All groups: If you want to delete all the groups, go to the Groups section under My Apps and Games from the guide menu. At the bottom, you have an option–Delete All groups–press it, and it will remove all the groups.

How to group Apps and Games on Xbox One

Add Apps and Games: If you want to bulk add games, apps together, you can start with Create a Group option at the bottom or select a group or look for a big tile with plus sign which says add more. Next, you can select apps, and games in bulk, remove existing ones,  and so on.

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