Fix: Google Chrome sync not working

Google Chrome provides you an option to sync your data between devices on which you usually open the Chrome browser. When you sign-in to Chrome, a feature called Chrome Sync is turned on which synchronizes your bookmarks, browsing history, autofill, passwords, etc. with your Google account so that you can use them on all your devices. This feature is quite useful in cases when you want to catch up on a YouTube video later on your Mobile which you were previously watching on your PC, or continue editing a document online when you migrate from Mobile to your Tablet.

Google Chrome sync not working

However, sometimes you can face problems syncing your information on Chrome when you get a sync error or when you’ve made changes to your synced data, but you’re not able to see it on other devices. This guide will help you with such Google Chrome sync errors.

What causes the problem

When you sign in to Chrome and enable Sync, Chrome uses your Google Account to encrypt your synced data with the help of a Sync Passphrase. When you set a passphrase, you can encrypt and store your data on Cloud without letting anyone read it. You need this passphrase to continue syncing between all your devices where you use Chrome.

Google Chrome sync not working

At times, it might as well happen that you forget your passphrase or you’ve made changes to your Google account recently. Under such circumstances, Chrome Sync can break and result in syncing errors, as the one shown in the image above.

If you are facing such issues, let us see how you can resolve issues with Chrome Sync.

Fix 1: Enter your correct passphrase

You can reshuffle the sync settings by providing your correct passphrase. Here’s how to do so:

1. In Chrome window, click on vertical ellipsis menu button (More ) on top-right to open Chrome menu.

2. Click on the Sync error message to open Advanced Sync Settings.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

3. Under Encryption options section, enter your correct passphrase. If you’ve used your Google account to encrypt the data, then enter your previous Google account password.

4. Click OK to refresh the sync settings.

Fix 2: Disconnect and reconnect your Google Account to Chrome

If the above fix didn’t help, you could try this one out:

1. Open Chrome menu by clicking the vertical ellipsis button and click on Settings.

2. In Settings window/tab, click on Disconnect your Google Account button.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

3. A confirmation dialog box will pop up with an option to clear history, bookmark and other settings as well with disconnecting the account. Click on Disconnect account to confirm.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

4. Your account will be disconnected. Close the Chrome window and quit the browser completely, then re-open it.

5. Open Settings window again and click on Sign in to Chrome to reconnect your Google Account.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

6. Once you’ve signed in, you can see that your Chrome Sync settings are back in place.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

Fix 3: Reset passphrase using Google Dashboard

Google Dashboard for Chrome Sync is where you can see all information regarding your synced data like counts for your stored items, including those which are not visible in Chrome.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

You can use the dashboard to reset Chrome sync. This will potentially clear your data from the Google servers and remove your passphrase, but the data stored on your devices won’t be deleted. Here’s how to reset sync settings:

1. Assuming that you are logged into your Google Account, click this link to open Chrome Sync Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to the bottom where Reset sync option is available.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

3. Click Reset sync and then click OK in the confirmation dialog box to reset your passphrase. Sign back into Chrome and start syncing again.

How to fix problems with Google Chrome Sync

Once the issue is resolved using any of the above methods, your data and settings can be synced across multiple devices where you use Chrome.

Let us know in the comments section if you are facing any difficulty with the fixes mentioned above.

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