Game Security Violation Detected in Windows 10

Sometimes, when you launch a game, you get Game Security Violation Detected error out of nowhere. This can ruin your interest in the game completely. So, to fix it you’ll need to find out which issue is triggering the warning message. The steps outlined in the post helps you to fix this error message while playing Fortnite, Apex, Rust, etc. on Windows 10.

Game Security Violation error message

Game Security Violation Detected

The error can prevent you from playing your favorite games like Fortnite and many other games that come with Steam, Ubisoft, etc. This error is usually accompanied by a combination of special character and numerals ( # sign followed by seven zeros and a numeral – eg. # 00000006).

The most common culprits of Game Security Violation Detected error tend to be either mouse/keyboard processes or specific RBG controllers. To fix this error, you’ll need to carry out 3 steps:

  1. Disable/Uninstall or Update RGB Software
  2. Update Your Games and Game Launcher Software
  3. Check your Antivirus Software.

1] Disable/Uninstall or Update RGB Software – A simple solution for this problem if the error message shows an executable name is to disable/uninstall or update RGB software. The software runs LED lighting on your video card or motherboard. If there are any LED lights on your rig, chances are this is the cause of the error. To fix it, you can update your drivers by visiting your computer manufacturer’s website.

2] Update Your Games and Game Launcher Software – It is always a good idea to keep your game or your game launching software (Epic, Steam, Ubisoft Uplay) up to date. Most games auto-update, but verifying the same is a good practice. So, to check it, access ‘Settings’, navigate to ‘Help’ > ‘About’ and check for updates. You can also restart your game launcher to force the update to install.

3] Check your Antivirus Software – A botched software update of your Antivirus program could cause a compatibility issue. As such, updating might help.

Hope this helps.

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