Best free software to Record Webcam on Windows 10

Just as some of us like playing a music file or taking screenshots, others like recording Desktop screen. In fact, this activity appears as a basic task for them, especially to illustrate anything on a computer or a PC. A large majority of popular YouTube channels earn their livelihood by making screen recorded tutorials. Here’s a list of three free software to record Webcam on Windows 10

How to record Webcam Video on Windows 10

Visual representation of things appears as the best way to explain some unknown concepts. This brings us to the quest of finding a quality screen recorder software that intends to make the job simple and enjoy. Although Windows OS is equipped with tools to record screen, it doesn’t offer anything pathbreaking. Here’s a list of 3 free software to Record Webcam that guarantees you an extra edge.

1] VLC Media Player

VLC, the free media player offers the ability to play almost any video contents. It is capable of streaming over different networks, transcoding files and saving them in assorted formats. Here’s how you can use it to record Webcam on Windows 10

Launch VLC Media Player and click on the ‘Media’ tab. There, select ‘Open Capture Device’ option.

record Webcam

Next, in Capture Mode, make sure ‘DirectShow’ is selected. Under Video device name, choose your webcam: HD WebCam.

Other optional features that you can choose to configure are the video size and advanced options such as “Picture aspect-ratio”.

Once setup, choose ‘Stream’, hit next and select ‘Stream Output’.

Hit next in Direct Show (dshow) options and select ‘File’ in ‘New Destination’ for ‘Stream Output’.

If all looks good, hit ‘Add’ button.

After that proceed to browse and give a file name and extension for the container. Hit ‘Save’ when done.

Now, choose a video profile. There’s no need to alter settings much as default one works well. Hit next.

Lastly, hit ‘Stream’. Instantly, VLC will minimize to your Desktop, and your webcam will begin recording.

A moving time counter will indicate that the video is recording. Hit ‘Stop’ button in VLC to stop recording. The video will be saved as a file you specified moments ago.

2] Filmora Scrn

Wanting to try an alternative to the VLC media player? Previously known as Wondershare Video Editor, Filmora Scrn comes across as one of the best alternative software that gives you free use to record webcam. Literally, all you have to do is complete the step by step process.

Download the Filmora Scrn and install it. Once downloaded, choose ‘Video Editor’ tab and allow it to load.

When the window opens, preset what you want to realize and hit the ‘+Recorder’ tab visible in the upper right corner of your computer screen. Filmora Scrn will completely set up to record webcam.

Pause when you have finished recording. The recording will be added under ‘Media’.

Select the recording to make its properties visible.

That’s all!

3] Acethinker online screen recorder

This free Online Screen Recorder is a web-based video recorder that enables you to create screencasts effortlessly with real-time editing features. Different capture modes are provided so you can create the recordings just as you need them. Also, you can choose to record either the entire screen or a specific area of the Desktop.

Visit the website. Clicking the Start button on the left part of the main website. A Custom button visible at the bottom of the capture area frame will enable you to customize resolutions, format and the size of your videos. Audios and videos will also be automatically recorded at the same time.

Once set, select your needed audio input by clicking the microphone icon. You can choose a microphone, system sound, or both options

Now, to get you started, click the red Rec button on the capture area frame.

If you would like to stop the process and save your final output, just click again the Pause button followed by the green Checkmark button. If you experience any trouble with this tool, simply follow the on-screen instructions for conversion once the recording is complete.

You can export videos in your desired formats such as AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MP4 and more.

Lastly, if you would like to share your creation with the online world, you can directly upload the video to YouTube, Video, Google Drive or Dropbox.

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