Top 5 free GoPro editing software for Windows 10

Earlier, folks could afford sophisticated cameras, and the usual cameras would blur the video if the device would shake while recording – something which is common while shooting sports and adventure. GoPro changed the scene with action videography. While being a budget camera, it has a high shutter speed, making it ideal for videos where the camera moves constantly.

GoPro videos or any video for that matter needs editing before being presented to anyone. This could be done using specialized video editing software. It had its own software called GoPro Studio for editing and fixing videos. However, it was ramped down some time back. Now, users need third-party tools to edit their GoPro videos.

GoPro editing software for Windows

Here is a list of free GoPro editing tools that can help you edit GoPro videos.

1] Quik

GoPro editing software for Windows

Perhaps the most difficult part with editing GoPro videos is that most GoPro users are amateurs with videography, and that is the exact reason they buy a GoPro. We cannot expect them to be proficient with video editing software, and this is where Quik tapped the market. Specially designed for beginners, Quik’s easy to use interface makes is a preferred app for those who don’t know much about video editing. Quik can be downloaded from here.



If I wanted sophisticated video editing without much knowledge of such software, VSDC would be my preferred choice. Quik is good for beginners but lacks a lot is features. VSDC has a little bit of everything. The software needs a little bit of learning after which you could use filters, create color effects, blur and add other effects, etc. VSDC is available on the company’s website here.

3] Blender


This heavily loaded app has almost every feature, from 3D modeling to animation to game creation. However, it is not for beginners and needs the user to study its course. However, the application is worth it. It helps users create precision videos. The reason this software featured in the list is that unlike most other “advanced” video editing software products, it’s free of cost. So grab Blender from its website.

4] Avidemux


Another good video editing software for beginners is Avidemux. The product is light and allows three basic functions: cutting, filtering, and encoding. Amongst the advanced functions, it allows sharpening and de-noising. This easy-to-use app is available from the company’s website here.

5] OpenShot


OpenShot is one really useful app for beginners who wish to edit their videos across platforms (since the app is multi-platform). The app allows users to change the speed of the GoPro video, some basic editing features, and some basic animation effects. While it lacks a lot of functions, OpenShot is trustworthy with whatever it has. Since it’s open source, it’s free. This useful software could be downloaded from the company’s website here.

Let me know if you have any observations to make.

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  1. Cecilialxs

    Dude, thanks for the options. But why not include VideoProc? I’ve tried it. I think it would be one of the most well-received GoPro video editing software for Windows 10/8/7 PC, for a beginner like me.

  2. Because i is not free. The post is about free software.

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