Free Port Scanner for Windows let you perform Firewall Port Scan

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  1. I just tried it from the MajorGeeks link you gave; tried on Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 64 bit OS updated through Jan2014 Patch Tuesday; no firewall/AV/proxy issues appeared in play.

    Stated my IP as one I’ve never seen before, and as scan went on I checked with “Shields Up!” et al to verify it wasn’t showing an ipv4 IP that was mine during scan. Scanner also said each of the TCP ports it was trying reported “closed”; had to close via task manager when done, “stop” and “X” close not responding; tried it again using just my server as target, same results, so I closed via task manager and uninstalled.

    Don’t know why the results, as my IP is static although via some sort of NAT; that is, I have both an ipv4 and an ipv6 address, both always the same, so I don’t know where it got the one it started with or why it couldn’t report “” (or PC’s “”) as all ports stealthed/not responding…though my ISP keeps ports 25, 80, and 443 reporting “closed” on ISP-controlled modem (all other ports respond “stealthed”), everything and everyone else testing my PC reports PC itself IS completely stealthed.

    Just letting you know as I don’t know what caused the scanner to malfunction in my peculiar instance.

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