Free DNS Lookup Tools & Online services

DNS Lookup or Domain Name System Lookup lets you find the IP address of a specific domain name. It also reveals a lot of other details about the domain name. If you need to perform lookup often, I am sharing a few free DNS lookup tools & online services.

Free DNS Lookup Tools & Online services

1] DNS lookup commands for Windows 10

Windows has an inbuilt command line tool – nslookup. It can be used to diagnose the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure. It needs TCP/IP installed on your computer to work. The only drawback here is that its not as extensive as other tools. Read more on how to use it here on microsoft.come. If you find this bit difficult, Nirsoft has a GUI tool for DNS lookup.

2] NetCrunch Tools

Free DNS Lookup

NetCrunch a software which offers WhoIS, DNS Audit, DNS Lookup, and much more. You can use it to for DNS lookup websites and identify DNS settings errors. The tool is also handy for local networking queries.

3] Whois DNS Lookup

whois DNS Lookup

It’s an online service which offers DNS records queried include A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, and TXT. You can further perform an IP lookup, check the RBL (Real-time Blackhole Lists) and do a Traceroute.

4] MxToolbox

MX Checkup Tool

It’s another online service, but only for checking the status of email related DNS records, i.e., MX Records. It can also check if a domain or the IP has been blacklisted from sending spam email. For every record, you have the option to perform a Blacklist check and SMTP test. The record is scanned through various databases.

5] WhatsmyDNS

If you are moving servers, WhatsmyDNS offers live DNS check for its current IP address and DNS record information. It gives you clear idea till which part of the world the propagation is complete.  They have servers on almost every part of the world, and the results are generated from everywhere and shared.

6] DNS Query

This online tool can perform a lot of query for DNS including ping, traceroute, who is lookup, traversal, ping, Reverse DNS Query, P Whois Query and more.

While we have listed some of the best ones, there are a lot of free DNS lookup tools available on the internet. They also offer monitoring tools which can be useful if you plan to keep a tab on your domain. However, those services are paid.  You will have to choose based on your needs.

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