How to fix Surface Book Dock issues & problems

Surface Book 2 has been Microsoft’s amazing and the most powerful 2 -in 1 PC designed in its Surface lineup. It is lightweight, portable, and a durable device which has the feature of both laptop and a tablet. One of the most amazing features of Surface Book is that the device can either be used as a laptop or the display can be detached to use the device as a tablet with the ability to reverse the screen. It is equipped with two surfaces to connect ports with one in the base and other in the tablet. It features two USB 3.0 generation 1ports, audio outputs, USB-C port, and an ethernet port.

Fix Surface Book Dock issues & problems

While it is sturdy and powerful with its unique design, using Surface Dock has its share of issues and using them is not always an easy task. Many a time when you dock Surface Book, it fails to detect the NVIDIA GeForce d -GPU in the base, making it hard to run graphics intensive tasks like games and other applications which requires more power. Users may even face display problems while connecting an external monitor to a Surface dock and may even encounter audio issues as well on the Surface Dock. Many a time when we encounter such issues, most of the users unplug the peripherals and replug them back, as part of the troubleshooting method.

Surface Book has its own unique problems, and if you encounter any issues, it is necessary first to check if the display is properly docked to PC and clean the connectors to make sure that there are no dust particles. Before trying out other troubleshooting methods, It is also recommended to update your Surface Dock with the latest updates from the Microsoft’s official site. In this article, we give some troubleshooting methods for Surface Book which you can use when the device malfunctions.

1] Reset the dock and monitor

SurfaceBook 2 users may have problems with an external monitor when it is connected to Surface Dock. If you are unable to use the external monitor, it is recommended to reset both the monitor and dock. To reset, unplug both the surface dock and external monitor from the power outlet. One may also want to detach the surface connector from the surface book and plug it back.

2] Clear display cache

If your display problems with external monitor persist when connected to the Surface Dock, it is recommended to clear the display cache. Follow the below steps to fix the display issues.

Detach Surface from the Surface Dock

Download and open the Surface Dock registry file from

Run the Surface dock registry file.

Restart your Surface and connect the surface to the Surface Dock.

3] Check if NVIDIA GPU is detected in Surface Book2

Many a time when you dock Surface Book, it fails to detect the NVIDIA GeForce d -GPU  in the base, making it hard to run graphics intensive tasks like games and other applications which requires more power. In such a case, you may want to check if your Surface Book is properly connected to NVIDIA GPU.

Go to Control Panel and navigate to Device Manager.

Click on Display Adaptors. You should see both the driver Intel Graphics driver and  NVIDIA d-GPU. If you don’t see the NVIDIA d-GPU under Display adaptor, it suggests that there is a problem, and you may be required to force the programs in your Surface Book to use NVIDIA d- GPU. For the Surface Book to detect the d-GPU, you can try to reboot Surface Book from the BIOS menu.

4] Reboot Surface Book from the BIOS menu

Before rebooting, save all your files and follow the below steps.

To reboot the Surface Book, Shut down your Surface Book and wait for few seconds so that the device turns off.

Press and hold the volume-up button situated at the top of the Surface display for few seconds, and at the same time, press and release power button till the Surface Book 2 reboots. Hold the volume-up button until you see a Surface UEFI BIOS screen. By doing this, the Surface Book automatically refreshes the BIOS settings.

Let us know if this helped.

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