Fix: Logon Process Initialization Failure in Windows 7


  1. since i faced the problem:-log on process initialization failure.interactive log on process initialisation has failed.please consult the event log for more details, and could not log on, as suggested by my friend, i ran the operating system disc and all my files in drive c were missing. can i get those files back by any means. i had no back up of the files.

  2. You say “If it doesnt help, you can request for and download Hotfix 379793 at KB2615701 and apply it.” How are you supposed to apply it if you can’t get your computer to respond!?

    Please think a bit before making nonsensical solutions.

  3. to fix the initialisation error : replace the files C:windowssystem32logonUI and C:windowssystem32winlogon with the same files from any other windows 7 machine from the same location, if this does not work then in addition replace C:windowsexplorer
    if the error disappears but your icons are not showing use task manager to run explorer…….

  4. “How are you supposed to apply it if you can’t get your computer to respond !!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Make a bootable linux USB drive, boot from that to get access to your file system.

  5. I have a problem with that issue I can’t go through is there another way to get out of it?

  6. Thank you for this, so refreshing to finally stumble upon someone who actually knows what they’re talking about after looking through so many pages of people who obviously did not. Sad that it’s in the comments section of one such page.

    I checked these files and found that the logonUI file was completely absent from the system32 folder on the problem computer. Copied it over from another computer, and now it logs on fine. Saved so much trouble of having to back up the data and reinstall the OS. Thanks again.

  7. we are having the same problem.. we cant get the computer to show anything but this failure message

  8. It sounds very stupid to suggest to run a fix on a os that is not successfully booting into the environment to run such and not give specific method on how to apply that fix. Pleases consider the stage at which the OS boot process is at when that error is faced then respond on what to do from their to have this fix sort that problem. Otherwise if one as the environment to even download and run that fix then he is not facing this the problem at all. And its so typical of Microsoft and other software manufacturers themselves with most technical challenges you’ll run into. Honestly its kind of like dumb to suggest to do that when in the first please your challenge is booting successfully into windows?

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