Firefox Lockbox allows you to carry your passwords on your Phone

Mozilla is lately on a roll announcing new features. Last time it was Firefox Send, and this its Firefox Lockbox. Its a password manager app which allows you to carry your passwords on your Phone. Buy why a phone? Firefox just like any other browser can save passwords. But when you switch to a phone, there is no way to access the passwords on Firefox. Firefox Lockbox is the answer to this.

How to use Firefox Lockbox

  1. Sign-in  or create Mozilla Account on Firefox and Enable Login Sync
  2. Install & Sign-in Lockbox on Android or iOS
  3. Change Autofill Service.

It’s straightforward, but you need to make sure to have a Mozilla or Firefox account.

Firefox Lockbox

Launch Firefox on the Desktop, and click on the hamburger menu. Then choose Sign in to sync. If you do not have one, you can always create an account.

If you aren’t a Firefox user, and rely on Chrome, this will not make any sense. Also if you already use a third-party password manager, you can choose to skip this service.

1] Sign-in with Mozilla Account on Firefox on Windows

Visit and create or sign in with your credentials. Once signed in, now you should enable Login sync. It is usually disabled. Click on the hamburger menu and then go to Options. Search for Sync. The Sync settings should show up, and here you need to select Login.

2] Install Lockbox on Android or iOS

Install the Lockbox application on Android or iOS. Use the same account to sign-in on the app. The app supports Fingerprint unlock so you dont need to sign-in all the time. Post login, it will list all the accounts for which you have chose to save credentials when using Firefox.

Tap on any of the listings, and it will reveal the login URL, account name or email id and the password. However, you are restricted to edit any of the entries from the mobile application. The only way to modify the entries is from the browser on the Desktop or use Firefox on the phone.

3] Use as default password manager on Android and iOS

Autofill Service Firefox Lockbox

Like I said earlier that it’s only for those who are hooked on to Firefox. The app has been built such that you can set it as your default password managers. In the App settings,>  tap on Autofill option > choose lockbox instead of anything else.

It is apparent that you need to use Firefox on Android or iOS to completely utilize Lockbox. But if you want to use Chrome, all you need to do is follow the above step and change the password manager or the autofill service.

While late in the game, it’s good to see Firefox has finally introduced an option to use Firefox password manager on phones as well. While you can use it as the universal password manager, do you use Firefox on the phone? Let us know in the comments.

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