How to find UWP app version in Windows 10

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications are the modern application in the windows store that can be used in all the Window devices like Xbox, Hololens, Tablet, PC or Phone. Basically, UWP provides a common platform for every device that runs Windows 10. On a related note, the whole idea of using UWP app is that it provides a versatility to utilize app on any device that is favorable to use for an ongoing task.

Find Windows 10 app version

Coming to the modern app outlooks, the UWP apps do not provide a standard interface like the typical older apps. The UWP apps that you download from Windows Store offers different aspect and UI  design interface. It is not a rather conventional interface like the ones in classic win32 apps.

The UWP apps are constantly updated with new features to revamp the performance. While these updates are done automatically when ready, sometimes it is necessary to know the exact version of the application.

Checking the version of classic apps like Win32 is quite effortless which can be located by simply clicking on Help button and then going to About section. However, checking the version of the Windows Store app is a bit different. You may have to go through a series of steps to find the version information of an app. The version number is usually found in the “About Section” of the app, but in UWP apps, you may need to look around a bit to to locate the About section. While you don’t always care about knowing version information, it is sometimes used to diagnose a problem and also keep your app updated with the latest feature.

Find UWP app version via Settings

You can locate the version information in a jiffy for certain apps by simply opening hamburger menu and then hitting on About section of the page which will provide information like build number and version of an application.However, If you are using UWP apps like Mail, Photos, Edge, etc., then you should go through different ways to check the app version.The version information is usually found in the settings menu if you don’t find it in hamburger or gear icon.

You can first navigate to the Settings icon at the bottom of the window and then click on About.

In some apps like Microsoft Edge, you can go to ‘More actions menu’ of the page in the top right corner. Click on Settings from the drop-down menu and then scroll down to the bottom to locate the ‘About this’ app option which will display the version information.

You may also want to navigate to related links section and then find “About” section to know the version like in case of  Windows Defender Security Center app.

To save time, instead of going through a hell lot of procedures just to find version information, you can simply use the command line in PowerShell to quickly check app version of the desired application. Following steps will guide you in doing so,

How to locate UWP app version via PowerShell

Go to Start Menu and type PowerShell ISE.

Open the PowerShell prompt and type-


Hit Enter.

This will list all the details about apps available on your device along with version information.

You can import all the device application information results in a text file. To do so type the following command-

Get-AppXPackage > text file.txt

If you find it hard to locate the desired app information out of so many results, then simply type the command followed by app name enclosed in asterisk * as below-

Get-AppXPackage *App name*

For example-

Get-AppXPackage *3D Builder*

Hit Enter, and you will see the version number as shown below.

Hope you find this small tutorial useful.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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