Best tools to find secret Netflix Categories, Movies and TV shows

If you are a Netflix user, and you are bored of watching the same popular TV shows and movies, do check out these tools that will allow you to explore and find secret Netflix categories, movies, and TV shows within moments. This article contains three tools, and one of them is a Chrome extension.

Find secret Netflix categories, Movies & TV shows

By default, Netflix shows some trending categories including Netflix Originals and some movies and shows based on your watch history. For some users, this is fine but if you want to explore more, you need these tools.

1] Enhancer (Chrome extension)

Find secret Netflix categories, Movies & TV shows

This Google Chrome extension adds a new tab in the navigation menu of Netflix that is visible after signing in to your account. Upon clicking the button, you will see more than 80 categories. Not only that, but this is also possible to find the number of movies or TV shows listed under a particular category. You can find four different tabs which show – Last used categories, popular categories, etc. You can also find separate categories of TV shows, Movies as well as Anime shows and movies. The Full list tab may not work since this feature is for paid account users. You can  download the extension and see if you like it.

2] is a website, which contains more than 200 categories. The advantage of using this web tool is the number of offered categories. The disadvantage of this tool is you cannot differentiate between TV shows and movies. That means if you click on “Psychological Thrillers” category, there is high chance that you will get all the TV shows as well as movies under this category. Although it includes either “Movies” or “TV Shows” in the category title, you may not find the same for all categories. To use this tool, head over to the official website, and click on a genre. You can also click on the Surprise Me button that shows a random category.

3] Flixable

When you want to watch movie or TV show released in a particular year or has a great rating, Flixable is what you need. Although it doesn’t offer as many categories as the previous tools do, you can use other filters to find out a show or film. You can watch all the Netflix Originals movies and shows as well as available shows in other countries. As Netflix has a country restriction because of different copyright laws of different countries, you can utilize all the filters on country based shows as well. To use this tool, you need to visit the official website, choose whether you want to watch TV shows or movies, select a category/rating/release year etc., and then hit the Show TV Shows/Movies button.

Hope you will find these tools very useful.

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