Find out which Apps have access to your Google Account

You may have noticed a Google sign-in option when trying to access some websites. This is primarily because Google serves as a medium to allow you to share information from your Google Account with third-party websites without divulging important details about your username and password. The type of information you can share with a site through your Google Account:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Country and language

Google says that it never shares this data without notifying you and seeking your permission. Moreover, it houses an option ‘Call app permissions’ where you can find all the connected apps.

In this post, we will see, how to find out which Apps, Websites & Online Services are connected & have access to your Google Account, and revoke access, if you feel the need to.

Apps connected to your Google Account

Over a period of time some of these apps cease to exist or you do not use them anymore. As such, it is safe to have them disconnected or removed from your Google Account. Why? The apps may access your account when you’re not using it. For instance, you’ve downloaded an app on your phone that helps you schedule workouts with friends, and allowed it to access your Google Account.

The app might access your Google Contacts information while you’re not using it in order to help recommend some friends you can connect with the next time you sign in to the app. Or, it could access your Calendar to identify times when you and your friends are free to work out together. So, if you do not find this feature very useful, here’s how you can find and disconnect apps connected to your Google account.

To find the apps accessing your Google account, navigate to this web address.

You need to log in with the account you want to check. Here you will see the list of all apps and services which have access to your account. Check out the screenshot below.

Apps connected to your Google Account

This list displays the list of all connected and permitted devices, apps and games, web apps and websites and browser extensions. Click on any of the app and you can view the detailed information about which app can access on your Google account.

Revoke access to Google Account

The app may automatically sign you in the next time you use it and Google doesn’t review or endorse third-party websites that request access to your Google Account, and takes no responsibility for those sites. So, if you have any apprehensions about the website’s trustworthiness that is requesting your information, do not approve the request or if you have already, revoke the access by just hitting the Remove button.


When prompted, click OK.

remove access

You will have removed access of the app to your Google Account.

PS: Did you know that you could use Google Privacy Settings Wizard to harden your settings?

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