Enable File History in Windows 8 to backup data to an external source

Windows 8 introduces many new features. File History is one such new feature in Windows 8 that allows you to backup your data to an external source very easily. You can backup your libraries, documents, contacts, favorites etc.

Enable File History in Windows 8

To turn on File History, go to start and type File History. This will trigger a search. Choose Settings from under the search box. Now click File History option in the left pane. This will open the File History window.


Simply click the Turn On button to enable File History.


By default, all of your libraries, contacts, documents etc. are automatically selected to be backed up. To exclude a library or folder, click Exclude Folder option in the left pane.  Now click on Choose folder. Then  select the folder that you wish to exclude from the backup and then press OK.


Back up data using File History in Windows 8

When you enable File History, by default, a saved file is kept forever (that is, it’s not deleted) and a backup is made every hour.

To change these settings, click Advanced Settings option. Here, select your desired option  from the drop down menu right next to the option that you want to change.


Next, choose a device to save your data. You can save your backups to external HDDs, network locations, etc. To change the default location, click Change Drive. You will now be able to see the available locations where you can backup your data.


Just select the desired location from that list, click OK and you’re done!


You can read more about how to Backup, Restore, Add more files, Change Drive, Exclude folders, Configure File History, Delete old versions, Create Backups on Local Drive and more HERE.

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