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Gone are the times when we used to draw the family tree with pen and paper. Modern genealogy is all about tech. The family tree today is made using software and online applications. There are many Family tree maker freeware and online tools are now available on the web which let users create their family tree online. Also, you can trace if any of your ancestors are tagged in some family tree online.

You can use the free online family tree tools or can download a piece of family tree software for the same. Online tools allow you to share your family tree with others or to add contributors to your family tree. The downloadable software is also a bit tricky to use, especially for the beginners. In this post, we will learn about some good Family Tree maker freeware and online tools.

Family Tree maker free software & online tools


Family Tree maker free software

WeRelate is one of the best-known websites to make the family tree online. It has a simple interface and best suitable for beginners. You need to upload your GEDCOM file with all your entries, and the website integrates the information into a family tree. There are different tabs here like Overview, People, Families, Warnings, Places, Sources, Family Matches, Updates, and Imports.

The ‘People’ tab shows the list of all people added in your list and ‘Families’ tab shows the list of husbands and wives with their marriage date and also links to the possible matching pages on WeRelate genealogy. However, users are allowed to exclude the wrongly matches pages. The ‘Warning’ tabs warn you if there are any errors in your data input. Users have to resolve the warnings to continue with the data upload. ‘Places’ tabs show the countries and cities in my data. However, it is not necessary to add the places, it is an optional feature. The website also notes if there is a matched place in the database. Sources is again an optional feature which shows the information sources added in your GEDCOM file. Family Matches is an important tab as it helps you trace your family tree in system. According to your data, the system will link you to the matched family pages with matching information and details. Users can however look and decide if the match is actually from their family tree of not. It checks for duplicate people and merges the entries.

Please note that all the information you enter here is public and hackers can any time hack your account and change your family tree information, however, you can revert the changes any-time.


This is a sharing website which provides you a forum to upload your family details and information. Being a non-collaborative website, keeps your data safe and private. People seeing your family tree will get read-only access, and no-one can edit your data until. It allows you to make your family tree private or public. The private family trees may appear in the search results, but the family details are not accessible to anyone. On the other hand, public family trees may provide unauthorized access to hackers.

As you enter your details, the Ancestry system starts looking for possible family matches. The website adds leaves to your family tree as a hint of potential matching discovery. The system claims to have billions of records and millions of family histories, so who know you might get a childhood picture of your grandma or great-grandma here. Users just have to enter all that they know, and the website will help them fining their family matches further.

Unlike WeRelate this website has not to feature of detecting the duplicate people or merging the duplicate profiles. The website allows users to make changes in the tree or delete it if required.

3] RootsMagic Essentials freeware

RootsMagic is a downloadable software which is easy to learn and use. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface and has an unlimited capacity of holding the data. You can enter whatever you know about your family and ancestors. Unlike most of the common family tree making tools, RootsMagic Essentials has a feature of tracking the multiple relationships like foster parents, adoptions and more.

The explorer of this Windows freeware lets you find your family members in the system. You can add images as well as videos to make your family tree livelier. It has a huge database and comes with customizable listing options and web hints from genealogy sites. Some of the powerful features of RootsMagic Essentials include merge techniques, Soundex calculators and potential problems lists. It is highly compatible and allows you to import your family tree details directly from various popular genealogy sites. It is a free genealogy program associated with the award-winning RootsMagic family tree software. It is the easiest way to trace your family tree online.  RootsMagic Essentials is a freeware, and you can download it from here.

4] Family Tree Builder freeware

This is a genealogy freeware for Windows, by MyHeritage family tree making website. This is an easy tool for beginners to create a family tree and map-out their ancestors. This freeware comes with smart match technology and record matching technology which automatically discovers historical records of your ancestors and help users in tracing their family members. This tool uses a set wizard to add your family members and their details and finally comes up with a nice looking 3D family tree. The detailed privacy features let users control every aspect of security and privacy.

It helps you create, customize and print beautiful charts and reports, even all-in-one charts. You can always export your data from here. There is also a paid version of Family Tree Builder which includes some additional features like advanced searches and map support. You can download this tool from here and start creating your family tree.

Do you use any? Any observations?

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