How to export OneNote files, notes, notebooks to different formats

Today we’re going to talk about how to use OneNote to export files into different file formats. This is great for archiving or sharing with a person who has no interest in creating a Microsoft account. It’s possible to export single notes or an entire notebook, so this is no doubt, a good feature. This tutorial will show you how to convert or export OneNote files, notes & entire notebooks to different file formats so that you can archive & save them.

Export OneNote files to different formats

To get it done, you’ll have to go through some hoops.

OneNote 2016 Export 2

How to export Notes in OneNote

First, you’ll need to choose your note or notebook, then click on the “File” tab found at the top-left corner of the program. Keep looking below until you come across “Export”, you’ll want to click on that to move forward. Next, you should see “Export Current”, just click on the option that says “Page” and move along from there.

At the right-side, you should see several formats, and you’ll need to Select a file format from the list.

Finally, click on “Export” and the bottom, and voila, your note will be exported to your format of choice. Now, bear in mind that you can only export single notes via the “Page” option.

Export entire OneNote notebook

If you feel the need to export an entire Notebook, then instead of clicking on Page, scroll down and click on Notebook, then choose from the file types offered, under Select Format.

Export OneNote files to different formats

The only thing one would need to do is save the new files, and that’s it.

Going this route to preserve notes is great, especially for those who are not interested in saving their precious notes to OneDrive. By exporting, you’ll have more freedom to use your notes in whatever way possible, but bear this in mind, exported notes cannot be imported back into OneNote 2016, so we urge folks not to delete the original copy at any time unless they are certain.

We should point out that this only works with the OneNote 2016 for the desktop.

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