Evernote for Windows PC: Review & Download

Evernote is not the same Evernote application as it was before! Evernote Corporation has redesigned the app’s user interface from the scratch in a bid to improve the overall user experience. The reworked application for desktop is now ready for use and lands on your PC with many useful features such as Reminders, Improved Notes , Shortcuts, smarter searching and more.

Evernote for Windows Desktop

The cloud-based note-taking tool has opted for a flat interface this time. The biggest difference is readily visible in the form of notes displayed in the Note List. The Notes section within the left panel displays all the notes you have access to in a single list. Also, the desktop version for Windows has made the task of creating notes and browse simultaneously, easy. Elements that might distract the user have been stripped off.

Evernote for Windows

Number of features incorporated in Evernote 5 for Windows Desktop will help Evernote users navigate more quickly. For instance,


Shortcuts is a quick access point that offers users a place to store their favorite notes, notebooks, tags and saved searches. In the upper corner of the left panel is he Shortcuts area.

Better Organization

Below the Shortcuts area, you can find options (Notes, Tags, Notebooks, etc) giving quick access to the corresponding topic. Click on the topic of interest and the right panel switches into that mode. The mechanism helps you focus better on the task at hand. Business users of the application invariably get an option to filter notebooks and tags by either Business or personal, as well as easily convert personal notebooks to Business notebooks.


Reminders feature introduced offers a great way for keeping your personal and group projects on track. Reminders can be set up for the current note by clicking the alarm clock button. Once clicked, the selected note will be pinned to the Reminder list at the top of the Note list, a to-do item will be automatically created and user will the opportunity to add an alarm to ensure the note is completed in time.

Evernote for Windows Desktop Reminders

Card View

The new Card View mode is a modified Note Editor window that keeps notes in a more efficient manner. It displays notes, especially the ones with images as beautiful square cards. You can switch among the different view modes from the view selector drop down at the top left corner of the notes panel.

Smarter Searching

Search feature in Evernote has undergone formidable changes. It has improved to much an extent. As you begin to type into the search box, Evernote suggests keywords based on the contents of your notes. Besides, it has

  1. Search Shared Notebooks: Searches inside notebooks that you’ve joined
  2. Saved Search Shortcuts: Adds Saved Search to the Shortcuts panel

Evernote 5 Windows Desktop Search

Evernote Corporation will roll-out auto-update for all Windows users within a week. For users, who can’t wait grab Evernote for Windows PC from here.

Update: Evernote new features include Scannable, Moleskine, Presentation Mode, etc.

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