How to end your meeting and save changes while using Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub can transform any room into a modern collaboration space. Once set up, you can connect with participants, start a meeting and focus on the group discussion. When it’s done, you can end your session. This tutorial explains to you how to end your meeting and save changes while using Surface Hub.

End a meeting in Microsoft Surface Hub


End a meeting in Microsoft Surface Hub

If each office location is equipped with a Microsoft Surface Hub, the device enables active participation of co-workers regardless of geographic location. When the objective is complete, you can choose to end your meeting and save changes while using Surface Hub. To do so, you’ll have to take 2 actions,

  1. Access End Session option
  2. Save the changes

When you choose to end your meeting, the Surface Hub –

  • Snaps the connection if you’re projecting to your Surface Hub from a device in the room.
  • Abandons Skype for Business meeting.
  • Closes any opened applications on the device
  • Access End Session option

1] Access End Session option

Once you decide to end a session, select ‘End session’ at the lower-right corner of the touchscreen or press the End session key on the keyboard of your Surface Hub. Selecting End session closes only the local session. People using another Surface Hub can continue the meeting with all the apps still open.

2] Save the changes

When you select End session, instantly a brief countdown appears on your screen, offering you a chance to save your data. This is the last chance to save any files. So, if you have accidentally pressed ‘End Session’ option, cancel it and save your changes.

Lastly, Surface Hub only cleans up meeting content when users tap End session. If you leave the meeting without tapping End session, the device returns to the welcome screen after a momentary pause. From here, users can resume the previous session or start a new one, if required. You can also disable the ability to continue a session if End session is not pressed.

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