How to access content attached to a meeting invite in Surface Hub

Best ideas strike when you are work as a team. To encourage this habit and enable collaboration, Microsoft developed a unique product called Microsoft Surface Hub. It’s a device designed not just for individuals but built for teamwork. So, in this post, we will learn how to access content attached to a meeting invite in Surface Hub.

How to access content attached to a meeting invite in Surface Hub

Access content attached to a meeting invite in Surface Hub

Surface Hub harnesses the full power of Microsoft – Windows 10. It brings you closer to your content and your team. So, to enable this experience, a user has to perform two primary tasks:

  1. Load meeting attachments
  2. Request a PIN to display the content

Please note that you should have access to Skype for Business Online as pre-loading meeting attachments. This feature is exclusive to Skype for Business.

1] Load meeting attachments

Click on the monitor icon to access attached content

Before an attachment is visible on the Surface Hub, the Skype for Business meeting originator must choose to present the content while connected to the meeting. To do this, navigate your mouse cursor to the bottom of the Conversations window and select ‘Present’ (monitor) button. From the list of options displayed, choose ‘Manage Content.’

Lock meeting content in Surface Hub

The content (PowerPoint, Excel or others) attached to the Skype meeting invitation will be displayed.

How to access content attached to a meeting invite in Surface Hub

Choose the content you would like to share and click the ‘Start Presenting this content’ icon located on the far left.

2] Request a PIN to display the content

Now, to begin displaying this content on the Surface Hub, request a PIN. This feature protects the content from unauthorized viewing.

Go to the Surface Hub, click Content from the menu at the left or right edge of the Surface Hub screen. Then choose the file you wish to view.

Request a pin to access the content in Surface Hub

After that, when prompted with a new message window, click the ‘Get a Content PIN’ button to request a new PIN from the content owner.

PIN is sent to the person who owns the document.

Choose the content owner member that is present and hit send. (It is important to mention here that the content owner should be available in the same room as the Surface Hub for quick Pin retrieval.

Soon, an email containing the four-digit code will be sent to this user. Once received, enter the Content PIN into the next window.

Post PIN verification, the content will be presented on display as well to the remote participants.

Hereafter, if required, you can share content with remote participants by selecting Present and begin sharing.

For more information, download this guide from Microsoft.

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