Turn on ClickLock to select, drag items without holding down mouse button

In this post, we will see how you can enable or turn on ClickLock in Windows 10/8/7. This Click Lock feature will let you highlight, select and drag files, folders, and items, without pressing down the mouse button.

Normally when we need to do this, we hold down the mouse button and then select the items. But the built-in ClickLock mouse setting lets you do away with the holding down part.

Turn on ClickLock in Windows

Turn on ClickLock in Windows

To turn on Click Lock, open the Control panel and then click on Mouse to open Mouse Properties. Under the Buttons tab, you will see ClickLock.

Select the Turn on ClickLock check box. This will let you select, highlight or drag items without holding down the mouse button. To start, you have to press the mouse button briefly. To release, you can to click on the mouse button. The holding down part is done away with.

Pressing on the Settings button will allow you to decide and adjust how long you need to press the mouse button initially before your click is locked. You can set a short click or a long click.

Once you have done this, click on OK and Apply.

The way it works, is, to start the selection, press and hold down the mouse button for say 2-3 seconds. Then release it. Now start selecting the files. You will see that you no longer need to hold the key down. Once you have finished highlighting, you can press the mouse button once to release the selection.

This can be pretty useful if you use the touchpad often. But it will take some time getting used too. It is not something most would like, but there are some who may prefer using the mouse this way.

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  1. trailertrash1

    I haven’t seen any mention of how to stop click lock after it has been started. I have been clicking like mad, disabled the mouse and even connected another mouse. But it seems the only way to get the mouse back to normal is an entire system reboot. This can’t be right

  2. Chandimal Rp

    lol just untick the “turn on clicklock” box hahahaa

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