What is the EFSTMPWP folder and can you delete it?

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  1. Hi,

    I was hoping someone could help me…

    I left windows 10 updating yesterday when I left work and when I
    returned today there was a message informing me it had failed due to no
    disk space and the entire C drive was full. Error code was 0x80070070

    I clicked through the “manage storage” steps to find that in the section
    classed as “other” there are 2 massive files in a folder named EFSTMPWP
    taking up like 364gb.

    I have searched online and learned that these are temporary files
    usually made by CIPHER(?) if you’ve tried to wipe the computer, it
    should delete automatically, but if the process is interrupted then it
    can remain..?? and the advice online is that they can
    be deleted.

    This computer is actually a new purchase, a manufacturer refurbished PC
    that I only acquired yesterday, and as it turned out, annoyingly, there
    was a user account on it, which I deleted.

    My questions are:

    – Is it actually okay to delete these files? …364gb is just crazy

    – Is the creation of the EFSTMPWP files likely to do with the failed
    Windows 10 update, the deleted user account, or perhaps, the
    refurbishment (assuming someone did actually wipe it)?

    – If anybody thinks it is likely the update (which I have tried a couple
    times to no avail) – Any advice on why it may not be working – It’s
    trying to update from like version 10000 – 16000 (or something)

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