Edge Blocker: Block Edge browser in Windows 10


  1. Oh, I don’t know… I could get excited with an Edge remover instead of just a blocker (assuming flawless removal). Thus far, after setting Chrome as default, Edge doesn’t jump out on its own anymore — so seemingly no great need for a blocker…

  2. I also have no problem with Edge…since I’m running IE 11, and if M$ kills IE, I’ll switch to Firefox or Chrome.
    What I don’t understand is the need for an ‘Edge Blocker’. Once you reset the default browser, Edge never comes up again.

  3. Reason to Block EDGE

    1. If you want to restrict your kids to use internet you should block edge but you can’t

    2. If you have a Office and use Widows 10 Home or Pro You can’t block Edge because Applocker is only for Enterprise edition

    3. Microsoft EDGE pops up every time I open my email even though I have SeaMonkey as my default browser

    4. No browser add-ons for Edge until 2016

    5. It lacks cross-platform support

    6. There are Advertisemens on the browser

    7. After Malware infection it is impossible to repair

    8. It feels I don’t have control over what I want to do

    9. It’s slow and it gets stuck spinning its wheels

    10. The horrid bookmarks/favorites system is beyond words

    11. It has crashed many times since I installed Windows 10

    12. Microsoft Edge leaks private browsing data locally

    13. Even if you are not using Cortana, SearchUI is still running in the background

  4. We have mentioned towards the end of the post: “The Edge browser has been deeply integrated with the Windows 10
    operating system and so it should be noted that use of this tool may
    interfere with the smooth functioning of other integrated tools like
    OneDrive – so use your discretion on this one.”

  5. Hi!
    I installed Edge Browser two days ago and initially it worked fine. Later I decided to unblock Edge, only to find it would not work. I downloaded Edge Blocker again, but my computer did not allow me to open the downloaded .EXE-file. *
    What am I doing wrong?

  6. You think so huh? Edge is like a vampire. and reseting defaults is like wearing a string of garlic around your neck. Once the smell of the garlic wears off and the sun goes down, in the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back”!
    This drives a wooden stake into the heart of the Satanic beast!

  7. I’ve REMOVED every single bit of Microshit’s USELESS, STUPID, INTRUSIVE, SPYWARE, ADWARE, MALWARE, VIRUS filled “Cortana” and that WORTHLESS POS “Edge” ADWARE, CLICKWARE, SPYWARE, MALWARE filled browser and I have 0 issues!
    It took many hours (about an entire day) and I had to remove them both piece by piece (file by file) from the computer and I had to remove many reg entries!,
    But I’ve done it and my system works fine!,
    So all you nerds can just STFU about whether or not it CAN be done, because it CAN be done!
    It CAN all be removed without “ruining” your system!

    You snowflakes just need mass amounts of COMMON SENSE, like I have!
    Of course these muzzy shitskin faggits (who ALWAYS have to inform everyone of their FAKE college “degrees” so that they can attempt to sound better/smarter than YOU) will all tell you that you CANT remove it or “disable it”, or “shouldn’t” which IS bullshit!
    Probably because if they did tell you how to do it Microshit would probably sue their 3rd world goat/child raping asses off!

  8. Actually, how about instead of just screaming at everyone in the 2 year old comment section, you can just say that you uninstalled it. Cortana isn’t spyware or adware, and neither is Edge. I understand your intentions on removing Edge, but removing Cortana and Edge may make things a little less stable. Also, that 2nd paragraph is pointless, and so is your excessive swearing. How old are you? 13? I’d be scared if you were an adult.

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