Ease Of Access Replacer: Replace Ease of Access button in Windows with useful tools


  1. Uhm.. it doesn’t work on my Windows 8 RTM Enterprise – BUILD 92000 – x86 – Spanish. It says something about can’t found a file

  2. I’ll try to switch my version to Spanish when I get a chance and see if it is a language version issue.

  3. I also tried running it as an administrator, but it still shows the same errors, both on CMD and the program itself.

  4. I’ll have an updated version maybe as soon as possible and hopefully it will remedy the issue for x86 systems.

  5. I can’t use my narrator or sth else by clicking the wheelchair?It even has no reaction after I click it?after uninstall it.What should I do to repair it?

  6. when i click install.It showed “Could not backup ease of access”
    What I can do for it

  7. FYI, you must right click the installer and “Run as Administrator” to get this to install correctly. Otherwise, works as advertised (except Task Manager will not launch”.

  8. it simply doesn’t work, im on a 64bit system an every time i run the .exe as an administrator i get the error:”Could not backup ease of access” ;-(

  9. This doesn’t work. When I run the installer I see two different CMD windows pop open full of syntax errors and I get the “Could not backup ease of access” message. Win8 Pro/64bit

  10. Actually, “EOAR Setup.exe” doesn’t work, “EOAR.exe” runs, but gives and error message and works anyway. The uninstall option in EOAR.exe also fails, but manually restoring Utilman.exe does work.

  11. i tried to install it on windows 8 pro 64bit.

    i did not work. either with the eoar setup.exe nor with the eoar.exe (run normally and as administrator). always got this error:

    “could not backup ease of access”
    “could not replace ease of access”

    please help or make a new version. jeremy what’s the trick to get it work anyway?

  12. if you want to restore this go to windowssystem32 find utilman.exe then rename utilman1.exe after find utilman.bak rename to utilman.exe 🙂

  13. [Finally, I can do this >_< Thank you soooo much!]

    [For those who have yet done, you need to change the permission of the file Utilman.exe into your user account/administrator before running the application. It took me for a while to to this @@]

    [Btw, my laptop is Dell, running win8 pro 32bit and it works well on me!]

  14. When I take a screenshot of the lock screen, the dialog box comes up saying that the screenshot “was successful”. But.. where did the screenshot go? I can’t find it on my computer, nor is it on my clipboard (there was nothing to paste into Paint, etc.). Where is the default location for the Ease of Access replacer to store screenshots?

  15. Yeah, I finally got a lock screen screenshot after some fiddling around. It’s only getting the upper-left hand quarter of the screen on my Surface Pro 2.

  16. for Windows 8.1 you must Change the rights for c:windowssystem32utilman.exe Change Admin to full Access.
    it works…

  17. You mean go to the properties for Utilman.exe; Security->Administrators->Edit and set to ‘Full control’?

    I just tried that, and I’m still only seeing the upper-left-hand quarter of the screen in the screenshot.

  18. I have a suggestion to everyone having problems with this on Windows 8: Use any other operating system but Windows 8, because it’s the worst thing to ever happen to a computer in the history of time. It’s even worse than malware. You’re having problems because it sucks, plain and simple. You’ll be happier with Windows 7. Windows 7 is actually good. ^_^

  19. Im trying to uninstall EOAR but When I look for the folder it doesn’t appear on my pc and it doesn’t work on my windows 8.1 pro x64 theres a way that I could uninstall this?

  20. Nice tool! On my screen (Win 8.1) 2160×1440 (yep Surface Pro 3), it only captures part of the logon screen however. Can this be updated please?

  21. Hi, great tool! I tried this on Windows 8.1 with screen size 2160×1440 (Surface Pro 3). It captures only part of the logon screen. Can this be updated please?

  22. Excellent tool, works as advertised. But one question arises:

    What if I want to keep the ease of access buttons? I frequently use the On Screen Keyboard on the login screen instead of folding out my keyboard from under the screen. And occasionally I use the Narrator too.

    For now, I’ve installed EOAR2, used it once for taking a screenshot, then I unfortunately had to uninstall it to get back my favorite buttons. I’m sure you could add the default Windows ease of access buttons as a menu into your app. I’d like to keep EOAR2 installed and use it constantly. Please add ease of access tools to it, or make the items customizable.

  23. an awesome thing you have made because really ease of access button had no value for me as i always needed a command prompt to change the password from the log off screen/hack the password as my sister changed it mostly everytime. keep it up for the good work:D

  24. Shouldn’t that be updated for Windows 10? It says here that it works for Windows 8 and Windows 7, but if it’s not updated for Windows 10, will it still work on the latter?

  25. After uninstalling it, I still can’t use my narrator or something else by clicking EASE OF ACCESS (wheelchair icon) on logon screen. And it even has no reaction after I click it… What should I do to repair it? Please…

  26. Thanks for your kind reply. Installed and uninstalled as admin, but it still doesn’t work. And as I clicked EOAR’s Uninstall button again, it says “please manually delete Utilman.exe in …C:WindowsSysNative and rename Utilman.bak”, but I cannot find SysNative folder. My PC is 64-digit. And then, I searched “Utilman.exe” in C:, and there are three Utilman.exe files located in C:WindowsSysWOW64, C:WindowsWinSxSx86_microsoft…, and C:WindowsWinSxSamd64_microsoft… I don’t know which Utilman.exe has been modified…

  27. Please fix this, it’s kinda annoying, the EOAR appears on the left while the button is on the right, well its fine tho, but if it can be arranged properly then it would be great. Windows 10 1703

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