Best Free Duplicate Photo cleaner and remover software for Windows

We all love to keep copies of images we shoot during our trips, festive seasons, and parties. As it keeps accumulating, we end up having multiple copies of the same image here, and there. All this starts taking a lot of space on your PC, and to make sure you don’t lose everything but keep just one copy we will have to tools to get rid of them. In this post, I am sharing best free duplicate image cleaner and remover software for Windows 10/8/7. You can get rid of all those extra images, and software will help you even differentiate between similar images as well or even a small modified version.

Duplicate Photo cleaner and remover software

Just before you start using these tools make sure to keep the images in your Windows folder aka System folders. It is possible that they will have multiple copies, but it’s important. The best way to figure out duplicate images is to scan folders or drives you to know about clearly.

Duplicate IMAGE cleaner & remover software

Find.Same.Images.OK finds duplicate images by comparing them on the pixel level. So, even if the images are edited i.e. rotated, mirrored and even resized, it can find them. This is particularly useful if you have downloaded images, and have changed few things here, and there to share it. However, since you wanted to keep the original files, you always kept a copy.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo cleaner and remover software

Available in a portable version, this software does some impressive job finding similar images, and exact copies. I ran this through one of my folders which had different variations of the same photo in terms of colors, size, and even images which had similar faces. It was able to find all of them. It also shows the percentage of similarity.

Once it finds, you can choose to delete, explore or move it to anywhere else. If you want to find exact copies, you will need to change in the settings. Download from here.


CCleaner Duplicate Finder

CCleaner comes with an inbuilt duplicate file finder which you can use it to find duplicate images, but it’s going to little restricted. It will only find images which are of exact same size. You can choose folders, exclude folders, and also use wildcards to find an image

Glary Duplicate File Finder

Glary Duplicate Finder

Using Glary Duplicate File Finder you deep scan all the images in your computer to find duplicate images. The result is divided into file types and duplicate files two parts. You can specify which you want to keep and delete rest of them. It supports custom matching conditions by file type, content, size, and date of creation to find your duplicate search. You can also click on Check Intelligent button, and it will select only duplicate files which can be deleted in one click.


VisiPics Duplicate Image Finder

It’s old software which works. You might not like the interface at all, but its ability to find images are pretty impressive.  You can find duplicate images using three different filters–Strict, basic and loose. It also marks small, uncompressed and lower resolution images as a duplicate. This makes sure you have the best copy with you. It supports: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, TGA and RAW images.The results are displayed in real time. So you do not need to wait for the scan to complete. You can keep deleting images as they show up in the result. Download it here.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Best Free Duplicate IMAGE cleaner and remover software

This image finder looks for similar images based on image formats, different bit depths, and image sizes. You can even choose the percentage of similarity when performing a search if you think a lot of non-similar images are showing up in the results. Just like VisiPics, it can also mark the smaller images with less resolution as duplicates.

The application also lets you create rules, choose post-processing actions and so on. While it works, it limits the results to up to 10 groups in the free version. The software also maintains a cache of previous results for faster results.


AntiTwin Duplicate File Finder

This small tool can compare file content instead of just comparing the size and date. It can find similar images, documents, and music files on your PC. The biggest advantage of using this software is that its completely free, and there is no adware. When comparing images you can do a byte by byte comparison or pixel comparison for accurate results.

The results show clearly the duplicate images, and you can see a preview of each file for better understanding. Download from here.

These tools should help you get rid of duplicate images, and while there are many others available, figuring out the free ones is difficult. Not that we don’t developers to get paid, not everyone can buy either. So if you are using a free duplicate image finder let us know in the comments

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  1. My fave is VisiPics. The only down side is that large folders scan slowly

  2. billclyde

    Yes, ditto here. It has the BEST interface showing you visually all the dups next to each other. It’s amazing to me no other product picked up on this and incorporated the UI. I found it froze on large bulk ingest. But, like I said, it still has the BEST USER interface for a WINDOWS product.

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