Duplicate File Eraser: Free remover and cleaner of duplicate files on Windows PC


  1. nice but does it work only 1 file at a time ? try Duplicate Cleaner Free from Digital Volcano. there’s a free and a more advanced pro version you can buy. the difference is pro can actually look at photos and tell you if they are alike and also can do byte-to-byte+algorythms, which DFE seems to not have, only algorythms.

  2. Ashisoft Free Duplicate File Finder is much more user friendly with more good features. You can review that also. Thanks

  3. Looks like it has some good features, but it’s annoying that you have to change the language in such a complicated way. Also it has pretty limited functionality. Guess that’s OK for a free app, but I prefer using a duplicate finder with more options, like Easy Duplicate Finder.

  4. With this tool you can recover gigabytes of space, make your computer faster, and organize

    your files. Managing duplicate files with DuplicateFilesDeleter on your PC or Mac is fast,

    easy and fun.

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