Download Torrents with Tribler without ever visiting a website

We all need a safe way to download files, sometimes doing through the web browser is just not the best way possible. With this in mind, then, we chose to test out an app known as Tribler, and so far, we’re relatively impressed with what we can do with it.

OK, so it would seem as if Tribler for Windows PC is connected with several torrent-based websites, and as such, users can download whatever they want without ever needing to visit the same websites. However, one should keep in mind that Tribler is not capable of telling when a file is infected. As it stands, then, when downloading Torrent files via this Torrent client, you’re still required to use your better judgment to determine what is safe from what is not.

Download Torrents with Tribler

tribler review

For us, the tool is pretty straightforward so users shouldn’t face many difficulties understanding how it works among other things. Just download what you want and move on to the next, it’s that simple, at least from our point of view. Let us take a look at what Dribbler has to offer:

  1. Discovered
  2. My Channel
  3. Subscriptions
  5. Video Player
  6. Settings

1] Discovered

When the user clicks on the Discover tab, they’ll come across a list of items, and each will have information on the number of downloads inside among other things. Simply click on the preferred one, then select the download you’re most interested in, and finally, hit the download button or the play button.

Since these are likely torrent files, the speed will always boil down to the number of seeders and your Internet connection. Tribler itself supports up to 100mbps; therefore, if you have a gigabyte connection, you won’t get the full performance here.

2] My Channel

Download Torrents with Tribler

Here’s something interesting, the ability to create your very own channel. This is easily done by clicking on the My Channel tab, then hit the Create Channel button. From here, type in the name and description of your channel, then click on the Create Channel button once more.

After creating your channel, select Torrents button, and then at the bottom, click on ADD. Whenever someone finds your channel, they’ll be able to download the files you’ve shared with ease. Remember, never share copyrighted material, or you could find yourself in trouble with the law.

3] Subscriptions

If you didn’t know, the option is there to subscribe to a channel to get updates whenever new content is available. To subscribe to a channel, click on the heart, then visit the Subscriptions section to see the list of channels you’ve subscribed to.

4] Downloads

Whenever the user has downloaded a bunch of files, they’ll all show up in the Downloads section. Not only that, but current files that are being downloaded will also show up there with all the necessary information. Users will see what is inactive and active, along with the speed of the download and the progress.

There’s quite a lot to see here, and it’s all similar to a torrent tool, so if you’ve downloaded torrents in the past, you’ll understand much of what is available here.

5] Video Player

If you’ve downloaded a video file, folks can easily play it via the Video Player. However, it’s quite useless if you want to play videos outside of Tribler. We’re not sure why the developers chose to go down this route, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

6] Settings

Finally, let’s look at the settings are to see what it has to offer to the user. You see, this is where the user will have the chance to change the default download location, and turn off the family filter for the purpose of downloading “certain” files.

Interestingly enough, the Settings allow the player to stay anonymous, at least in the basic form. Furthermore, some might like the fact that Tribler allows for mining Tokens, and it uses a blockchain to keep track of the user’s sharing ratio.

Overall, we like it because searching for things to download is very easy. Still, we’re not sure if we’ll be using it on a regular basis. You can download Tribler from the official website.

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