Double-click on Firefox tab to close it – Enable setting in about:config page

Mozilla Firefox browser now allows you to close Tabs by double-clicking on them. Earlier one had to use an addon, but now this setting has been included in the about:config page. Let us see how to enable this setting.

Close Firefox Tab by double-clicking on it

First, visit the about:config page. When prompted with a warning message, hit ‘I accept the risk’ button.

Firefox browser

Next, look for the following preference under about:config page – browser.tabs.closeTabByDblclick

Double-click on Firefox tab to close it

You can also do the same by entering the above-highlighted text in the search box:

When found, simply change its value to true. The action when confirmed will enable the user to close the tab by simply double-clicking it.

Start to double click on tabs, one by one, to see the feature in action. When you do this, a dblclick event gets activated that close the tab.

The dblclick event is fired when a pointing device button (usually a mouse’s primary button) is clicked twice on a single element.

Before this, it was possible to render the same capability of closing a tab by installing some third-party extensions. As we know, extensions are powerful tools to get some work done, but at the same time, they could be dangerous as some can unknowingly, read users’ browsing history, passwords, email, etc. If an attacker compromises such extensions, the attacker can get access to the user’s personal information. As such, having the native option in Firefox is a timely move and most appropriate response to curb the menace.

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