How to enable and use Dolby Atmos on Windows 10


  1. I like the part where I select Atmos for Windows 10 and then it does not apply the setting and wastes my money.

  2. Probably the price tag. Apps with free to try options usually gets rather low ratings. Especially if the price is €18 after that trail. 😀

  3. So, I have an Atmos enabled receiver, which I’v had for quite some time now. Saw this stuff pop up in sound settings out of nowhere. Thought I’d try it. I enabled Atmos for Home and tried to listen to some music. No sound. Ok maybe a video on youtube? No sound. So I went to Dolby Access and they had these videos with Dolby Atmos support or whatever and that was the only thing that played sound. Does this mean that while I have Dolby Atmos enabled, I ONLY receive sound for videos and games that support it? Meaning no system sounds, no sounds from messages, no nothing?

  4. NOW I have the same problem, but it worked perfectly well for me for a while, now not anymore, I don’t know why and I can’t fix it, I updated recently many things, windows 10, main board, graphic card and AV soft … It stopped working after those updates.

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