Disable Windows 8.1 Help Sticker Notifications


  1. not working for W8.1 Single Language
    have to go to Change PC Settings -> PC and devices -> Corner and edges (this hide under annoying Sticker)
    The App Switching is display on the right. Then turn off at “Allow switching between recent apps”

  2. Bug Horasad, Thank you for sharing this information, I was helping a friend out with her computer and the tip keep showing up and it really annoying, but with the help of your information on how to remove it, i am able to clear it out now

  3. What a horrible system Win 8.X is! To have to do this is ridiculous! Didn’t anyone at Microsoft have a clue that the end users do not need to see these things ALL THE TIME! And to have to do this to eliminate them? One step forward two steps back. I am sick and tired of Win 8.X. Linix is looking better all the time. I will NEVER buy a Microsoft OS computer again.

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