Disable automatic loading of Images in Firefox

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a fast Internet connection, all the time, everywhere. As such, browsing under low-bandwidth situations or super slow connection like Dial-up becomes a painful exercise. In addition, if the webpages you are browsing contains too many images, the situation could get worse. During such moments, when you are just interested in reading the text, it is advisable to disable the option that loads images automatically.

Firefox had this option for quite some time however; with the introduction of Firefox 23 and other higher versions, this option was moved elsewhere. Prior, you could find it readily under ‘Content’ tab of Options. So, browsing without images on a super slow connection required single-step action – un-checking the option reading as ‘Load Images Automatically’. Now, the scheme of things have changed a bit, but the option is still available. It is just that to stop people damaging Firefox accidentally, it has been moved. The action Firefox developers claim is intended to help the majority of users.

Disable Load images automatically option in Firefox

To do this in later versions of Firefox, go to about:config. When presented with the warning message, ‘This might void your warranty’, click the button labeled “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.

disable load images automatically in firefox

Now, search for permissions.default.image.

change value

Right-click on it, select Modify and change the value to 2 (The default is 1).

If you want to allow images loading from the same website, but want to disable 3rd party images, then set its value to 3.

To reverse the changes and allow images to load, set permissions.default.image value to 1.

Firefox addons to block Images

Image Block is a Firefox add-on that adds a toggle button to conditionally block or allow loading of images on webpages. Using it, you can do this selectively for each webpage.

Another alternative is downloading Firefox add-on “SettingSanity“. The add-on adds all these removed options back to Mozilla Firefox preferences window. It also adds the option of toolbar buttons for toggling Images and JavaScript without opening the Options window.

A word of caution – Modifying preferences may interfere with the normal functioning of Firefox. So, do be careful.

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