Enable or Disable Defragmentation for SSD in Windows 10/8/7


  1. You will still need to disable defragmentation even on Windows 8 if you happen to have a RAID SSD setup -Windows 8 thinks that Raid SSDs are HDDs and continues to attempt to defragment them including on the default schedule; this will dramatically decrease the life of the SSDs. -As Windows 8 also won’t attempt to “Trim” these RAID SSDs you may see dramatic perf decreases over time as the combination of constant writes ala automatic disk defragmentation and the lack of OS-level trim functionality creates a performance and SSD life destroying “1-2 punch”. Many new Acer Aspire S7 ultrabooks (both the 391 and 392 Haswell versions) have mmc-based SSDs which utilize an internal RAID mechanism; Windows 8 sees these SSDs as “Hard Drives”, not SSDs.

  2. Microsoft might have fixed that now. I have a RAID 0 array with two Samsung 840 EVO drives booting to Win8.1 Pro with full updates. I just checked the “Optimize Drives” dialog for my computer. And It clearly lists my RAID 0 array as Solid State (I have other drives listed as hard disk), clearly showing the 240GB I have (its a 2x 120GB array). As well, the button “Analyze” is disabled. And when I highlighted the drive and clicked “Optimize”, it came back saying “Optimization not available” and now the Optimize button is disabled. Which, I guess, makes me wonder if its useing TRIM. However, when I goto command prompt and run the “fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify” command (which checks if TRIM commands are being sent) it says that it is enabled, so I guess we are good!

  3. Brain fart, it doesnt show the size of the array, just the drive’s label. I just so happened to name the drive “240GB” as its label and got a little confused there when typing and looking back and forth. lol

  4. The stupid thing is, that if you turn it off this way, you will turn it off FOR EVER. In my case, I have a SSD AND a HDD. So what if you want to ONLY turn off the defragmetation for a SSD?

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