Benefits of taking Digital Detox and how to go about it

Such is the interference of digital devices in our lives is, that it is almost impossible to live without checking your Smartphone or Tablet every now and then. Digital devices have become an inseparable part of our daily routine to the extent that they are taking away our time, focus, sleep, work productivity, life balance and most importantly, personal time. Although most of us are aware of this, however, the consequences are realized only when we suffer a personal loss, experience stress or face unwanted situations. Social Media addiction is on the rise, and so is the over-use of computers and smartphones. This has been known to hamper one’s social interactions as well as work efficiency.  Digital Detox is the time a person needs to take off from using his computer or smartphone and being disconnected from the Internet, in order to come back to one’s normal state.

digital detox

You need a Digital Detox if:

  1. You find it difficult to sleep
  2. You pretend to be busy working but are actually on the web doing something else
  3. Your work efficiency is suffering
  4. You constantly check the notifications
  5. The thought of being disconnected from the Internet send you into the momentaraly panic.

Do you think there is a way to come out of this?

The answer is, it’s very difficult, because the unending exposure to newer devices, newer technologies in our lives and the dependency surrounding it, has made it increasingly difficult for us to “switch off” these digital interactions.

However, owing to growing cases of mental breakdowns and stress-related diseases, the need of Digital Detox or a period of time when a person refrains from using electronic devices or the Internet is actually a necessity.

There are numerous benefits of Digital Detox. Below are few of them.

Benefits of Digital Detox

  • It is much easier to relax or concentrate without a buzzing smartphone or tablets in your hand or pocket.
  • By practicing digital detox, you can have some space to be creative or think deep about solutions to your problems or even make new friends and socialize with people.
  • You would have more time to practice your hobby – read, dance, sing, walk, play sports.
  • Very important – You would have more time to have a peaceful sleep.
  • With Digital Detox you can pass on a message to your office that you are not available all the time and hence distinguish between work and your personal life.
  • Digital Detox also increase your work speed, as you can concentrate much better. This, in turn, makes you more productive.
  • More importantly with Digital Detox, you would be able to move towards a more balanced life.

Digital Detox adopting challenges

Despite knowing above benefits of digital detox, it is not easy to get started with it and to stick to it. It calls out for a complete self-discipline routine!

Here are few of the steps that will guide you to start with Digital Detox and most importantly to adhere to it!

  1. Make a list of all the electronic gadgets that you will be switching off. Don’t get demotivated, as you can also make a list of activities that interest you and those which you loved doing before getting addicted to technology.
  2. Set the target that is achievable, like maybe few hours of digital detox
  3. If you are planning digital detox on a daily basis, then you may start with lunchtime or exercise time or family time or strict time of an hour or two. Slowly, when it becomes a habit, it will be easier to turn it into a routine.
  4. If you are still finding it difficult, you can also try assigning your study room as gadget room and all other rooms to be free of devices. Another tip could be checking emails every two hours and gradually increasing your limits.
  5. There are many people nowadays, who are attempting digital detox. Find your buddy.
  6. Tell more people about it. It builds more positivity in you, and as more people start following you, you get motivated to follow it better
  7. Most important of all, take proper sleep and try to keep your bedroom free of devices always.

If you are frustrated with the way you are occupied with digital devices and want to get out of it, then don’t plan too much. Just look for places where you can go and the activities you can do and then throw away all your digital devices in a corner, go back to the way you use to be…. Just be yourself!

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