ManageEngine Desktop Central lets you manage Server, Mobile & Desktops

ManageEngine Desktop Central is one of the best ways to take control of Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. This means that one can easily manage servers, laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones from a hub or one central location. Pushing software updates, installs and generic monitoring of the systems is also something that will become easier. The best part is that the software starts for free – the free edition is meant for small businesses with up to 25 computers and 25 mobile devices.

Desktop Central Free review

Desktop Central Free review

Manage Windows, Mac and Linux computers & devices

Desktop Central is integrated desktop and mobile device management software for Windows, Mac & Linux that helps you in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location.

It scores high on mobility and it can push profiles and policies easily and also configure the devices for Wi-Fi, VPN, and other email accounts. Furthermore, the software will also let admin set restrictive access for a camera, microphone, and the browser as well. The software supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and the best part is that that the admin can control the entire network with the tap of his cell phone – he doesn’t have to be logged into his machine all the time.

Desktop Central also comes with 12 free Windows tools that are available as plugins and can be downloaded at no extra cost. The segregation of the tools will allow the admin to pick up the relevant tool a-la-carte and thus save on storage and the overall load.

Take, for instance, the Remote Shutdown tool that will allow admins to shutdown, restart, hibernate and also lock the computers.

Tools like Defragmenter will help admins run the defragmenter on more than one account in a single instance.

The currently Logged On User tool is like a bulletin board that will display the details of the users who are logged in from a remote computer.

The Laptop Battery Power Monitor is yet another mention worthy tool that will monitor the battery of laptops on the network from time to time and alerts the users when the power is below a pre-specified level. The list of tools doesn’t stop here and we are pretty much sure that one will find the tools that suit them the most.

On the security front, the Software Inventory tool collects information with regards to the software used on the particular machine, thus allowing admins to keep a watch on what software is being installed and ensure that the network is safe from intrusive attacks.



Starting up is pretty easy and the UI has been laid out carefully. The mobile version provides the extra flexibility for the users and the admins to control the things remotely. Also, the admin area has quick links to the configuration, install and uninstall, tools, audit and system scans. Unlike its competitors, Desktop Central is not SaaS-based and counts as a full-fledged desktop management system.

The Dashboards are designed to display real-time data and are detailed to show all the registered workstations. The Admin doesn’t have to go around the hoopla of creating and running scripts in order to push the updates, install software. If this something that interests you, download the free edition here.

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