How to manually delete WiFi Network Profile in Windows 10/8.1

WiFi is not a new term for us. W all use WiFi networks around us to connect our system to access Internet. Most of the devices having WiFi support also have the ‘connect automatically’ facility, so that if you came in the range of a previously used WiFi network, at second instance, you get connected automatically. A time may come when you may find that there are just too many WiFi network profiles present on your Windows computer, many of which you may not need now. In this post, we will see how to manually delete WiFi Network Profiles in Windows 10/8.1.


Basically, Windows doesn’t provide you the native options to delete a WiFi network from the profiles list. In Windows 10/8.1, you have the option to Forget Network. However, forgetting network does not completely remove the entries of the network profile. If you connect using this network in the future, you might face trouble while connecting. In such a case, you may need to erase the unusable WiFi networks manually following this way:

Delete WiFi Network Profiles

1. Open administrative Command Prompt and run following command to get list of all the wireless networks to which your system has made connection:

netsh wlan show profiles

Delete-Wi-Fi-Network-Profiles-W8.1-22. Refer to above shown image, suppose we want to delete the wireless network profile dlink 15. So we run this command to erase it:

netsh wlan delete profile name=”dlink 15

Here you can replace the dlink 15 network with the WiFi network profile name you wish to delete on your system, Windows will notify you when it is done. You can re-run the command mentioned in step 1 to assure that the network profile has been removed. However, still there is no complete removal of network, so go to the next step.

3. Moving on, press Windows Key + R combination, type put Regedt32.exe in Run dialog box and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

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4. Navigate here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles

delete WiFi Network Profile

5. In the left pane of this location, under the Profiles key, you’ll see long name subkeys. For each network, either it is WiFi or Ethernet type, there is a unique key.

You have to highlight each key in left pane and in the right pane, check the ProfileName string’s Value data; like we have found the entry for dlink 15 which we deleted in step 2. Once you find correct subkey for deleted network profile, right click on it and select Delete.

Thus your selected network profile gets removed completely.

That’s it!

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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please read the entire post & the comments first & create a system restore point before making any changes to your system.


  1. Seath

    Good post… I wish Windows 8.1 had build in WiFi management.

  2. ^^ I wish that too 🙂

  3. dypsis

    WiFi Profile Manager 8 makes it easy.

  4. Monica48

    Kapil, Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought my 10year old son a Windows PC for his birthday so he can play Minecraft with all the downloadable Mods. (I tried to talk him into getting a MAC but he wouldn’t have it.) I purchased a nice$$$ pc from Staples, paid for the $70 complete set up service, and paid for the $250 2yr if anything goes wrong they fix it plan. Once I brought it home, could not connect to our network. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Calls back and forth to Staples resulted in an offer for me to pay $130 for someone to come out to “take a look”…..after I just dropped a ton of cash?!!!!!! no thank you. I knew it wasn’t hardware (wireless network card) because it was working fine in the store. And ALL of my Apple products were connecting to my home wireless network just FINE (ahem.) This post fixed it in less than 5 minutes. My son will be SO HAPPY (one day later). Kapil, many many many many many many thanks. Tonight my son and I will mention our gratitude to you in our evening talk. Sincerely, Monica

  5. Student07

    How to remove a GPO pushed profile, it is not in the above registry and i cant override it or delete it.

  6. nortok00

    Thank you, thank you!!!! There was indeed a duplicate profile in my registry.Finally, after finding this post, I was able to get rid of the annoying “2” in my wifi network profile. I can’t believe, in today’s day and age, one has to go into the registry to fix this. Come on Microsoft… can’t you make this easier for people… after all it’s almost 2015 and this is “Windows 8.1”!!! :-S

  7. ^^ Glad we could help 🙂

  8. Bobby M. Kige

    Very good post really helps.

  9. Bardh Azizi

    this method works nice for all profiles exept one and it just doesn’t want to be deleted.
    can someone help me?

  10. Guest

    In this way you delete only Network Profile name. Wifi Networks are stored in:
    In addition to the network where ever tapped are here:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionNetworkListSignatures
    so for computer forensics 😉

  11. alessandro negrin

    i was tired of doing this manually so here is a vbs

    please read description; it works for me but use at your own risk

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