Rainmeter lets you customize your Windows desktop with widgets & skins

Did you love the desktop widgets in earlier versions of Windows? Well, I loved most of them and they were useful too. So, did you ever feel like bringing widgets back to Windows 10? Well, not exactly the widgets but you can have an almost similar or even better experience with Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a free open source desktop customization tool that let you add widgets & skins to your desktop.

How to use Rainmeter for Windows

Being one of the most popular UI customization tools, Rainmeter has got a lot of attention in the community. The tool works on the basic model of skins, where you can create and apply your own skins. Or you can download the skins created by someone else. You can find a lot of good skins available online. People from the Rainmeter community usually distribute their work for free.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed any of your favorite skin, you can start customization. You can simply place a skin anywhere on your desktop and then lock its position. Some of the basic skins that you should consider are the time/clock skins, a weather skin, a to-do list, and hardware status.

A skin can be as simple as a weather widget that just displays weather or as functional as a Music player or a to-do app. You’ve got thousands of choices and a million of combinations. You can download numerous different skins and use their various elements in combinations to have infinite possibilities.

Rainmeter also supports layouts, you can save layouts and use them in future. The layouts store various settings and relative positions of different skins on your desktop.

Finding Rainmeter Skins

Head over to this Rainmeter ‘Discover’ section to find latest skins created by various developers. Also, there is a basic skin included which can get you started if you are going to make your own skins. DevianArt is the largest repository of Rainmeter skins and this is the place where you can actually find what you want.

Also, there are other websites where you can get skins for your computer. Editing a skin is also possible, all you need to do is right click a skin and select ‘Edit Skin’. This would open up a new notepad windows where you can easily view and edit the code for that particular skin.

Creating your own Rainmeter skins

Rainmeter is all about customizing your computer and literally doing it yourself from scratch is the motive. Rainmeter has provided a complete manual that can get you started at developing skins. All you need is a good text editor Rainmeter installed on your computer. This manual will guide you from basics to all the advanced concepts of Rainmeter. Also, the manual includes tutorials on publishing your skin as a package on DevianArt and other similar websites.

How to use Rainmeter for Windows

Rainmeter is a great desktop customization tool with a lot of active community supporting it. You can find a lot of enthusiasts working on some skins and making their desktops look more beautiful. If you are a designer or want to try something in UI designing and development, Rainmeter can be a good start.

Click here to download Rainmeter. I am sure that you will like it.

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