Select custom color for Windows 10 Start Menu, Taskbar, Title Bar, Action Center

Although it was was possible to change the color of the Start Menu, Taskbar, Title Bar, and Action Center using the Registry Editor, in Windows 10 Creators Update, it now lets you do all this easily via Settings. Windows 10 v1703 now lets you select a custom color for Start menu, Taskbar, Title Bar, and Action Center.

You might have seen in previous versions that Microsoft included almost 48 colors to choose for the Action Center, Title bar and all. However, now it is possible to enter any color except the given color sets. In other words, now it is possible to enter a HEX value, RGB color value or HSV value. Let us see how to do it.

Select custom colors for Start Menu, Taskbar, Title Bar, Action Center

This is very easy, and there is also no need to use Registry Editor since Microsoft has included a user-friendly option in the Settings. If you select RGB, you can enter Red, Green, and Blue color value. It is also possible to enter the HEX code of a color (e.g. #ffffff defines “White”). You can enter HSV value as well – which stands for Hue-Saturation-Value. Although this one is not as popular as RGB or HEX code, you can enter the HSV value if you prefer.

For doing this, go to Settings > Personalization > Colors. Make sure that Start, Taskbar, and action center and Title bars options are enabled. It depends on where you want to show the color.

Next, click on Custom color button to open the color palate.

select custom color for Windows 10 Start Menu, Taskbar, Title Bar, and Action Center

To choose another color, drag and drop the white circle you see on the palate to select the color. You can also get a preview in the same panel.

In case, you have chosen a color that might not be suitable for your device, you will see a message like – This color looks like it might be hard to read or This color is not supported, etc.

If you want to enter the color value, click on the More button. Next choose between RGB and HSV, and the corresponding color value. Like I said before, you can enter the HEX color code in the right-side.

Select custom color windows 10

After doing everything, click on the Done button to save the changes. You should see the changes right away.

These color picker software may help you to find the right color for your Windows 10.

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  1. DubiousSalmon

    When changing the color value, it seems like there is a certain range of colors that are “not supported”. From what I can tell, this applies to pretty much all dark colors, and unfortunately those are the ones I most want to use. Is there any way to get past this restriction?

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