Create Windows 7 Start Buttons with Start Orb Creator


  1. ERm…okay, I’d download this but before I download anything from deviantart I like to read the comments left by other people about whatever it is I want to download. You got one HECK of a lot of hidden comments, and that spells “This could be dodgy” all over it. Looks good, but I’m not taking the risk all the same.

  2. Rightwhatever: Not “dodgy” at all. When I hid the comments, I thought it was only on my end. I didnt know that it hid them for everyone. I unhid them.

    Also, the alpha release was way back in FEB! Since then I have released 3 versions. The current version is stable and bug free.

    Even the screenshot here is old.


  3. yeah hi I as you said the files are saved as a “standard png” i am using the windows 7 start orb changer from door 2 door windows and it will only appcept bitmap formats can you help me or is the file extention call .png but made from a bitmap?

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