Create web page shortcut using Edge browser on Windows 10 desktop


  1. How to start a new Edge instance (a browser window) from a desktop shortcut with a certain website open, instead of opening it in a previously open Edge tab?

  2. It does open a new window, also with Shift+Click on Edge icon in Taskbar, but… not with a specific website. Namely for that I need a desktop shortcut. But again… all known methods to make a shortcut open a new Edge tab, not a new window. Its quite handy, when watching certain TV or video sources, to open the website any time with one click in a new window without setting it in Edge prefs, otherwise it will open in ANY Egde window.

  3. What I did in edge is select the thee dots, select open page in Internet Explorer, send short cut to desktop. Since Edge is default browser, clicking on shortcut opens it in edge.

  4. Not having a quick and easy way to create desktop shortcuts to newspaper articles etc is a fatal blow to Edge. I can’t see any reason to use it

  5. I used the more button and clicked pin this page to start, checked the start menu and sure enough it was not there, clicked off and a popup came up and asked if I really wanted to pin the page to Start and there it is. Drag it to desktop. The pin to start works for me, but you have to click the start menu a couple times.

  6. Hi there, thanks for the post. I am trying to schedule Edge to open and close at certain times. I am able to open it with the task scheduler but cannot close it. This is the trigger

    taskkill %windir%explorer.exe microsoft-edge

    but it seems there must be something wrong. Any idea?

  7. The instructions to create a desktop link for Edge did not work for me. The Edge icon in tiles view does not drag with the mouse. Please read the comments and change the article if it is not about the current Windows 10 Home.

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