How to create a textured slide background in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Well the first question that comes to your mind when you read the title of this post is “Why do I need a textured slide background?”. Well, the reason is simple. When you are giving a presentation to a larger audience, you would like to have a presentation background which is visible to all. Moreover it also lends a professional look to your presentation.

Another question you might ask is “Is White background not good enough to lend a professional look?”. Again the simplest answer is that, yes, any single color will work but they might look like a spot light to the audience who are sitting at the back. Moreover, having a textured background fills your presentations with some color which keeps the audience hooked to your presentation.

So let’s learn how to create a textured slide background in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010:

  • Start Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Now insert any picture which you think can be used as texture partially or fully. Just to explain, I am inserting picture taken by me.
  • As you can see, it is a picture of hills, I believe I can make some good texture from it so let’s try out. We will first try to play with some Colors.
  • Now try out some Artistic  Effects to see which style can look good for your presentation. It will depend totally upon to apply the different artistic effects and colors.
  • To fine tune the texture and to try some something more, you can use Corrections.
  • Now you can crop the picture if you want or even Remove Background. Finally after putting all my creative efforts I am able to get this texture.
I am not very skilled but still it looks fine. That’s what I like about Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – it helps you to use your basic knowledge and common sense to create master pieces. Anyone who knows basics of colors and few artistic effects can create really beautiful texture slides.

One problem which you might encounter is that you might not find images which can be used for making textures so I would suggest you to search the images which are under  Creative Commons License. This way you will find good images without any issues of Licensing or Copyright.

Few helpful links to download such images:

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