Cortana Show Me app offers a visual guide for using Windows 10

Microsoft has rolled out a new app for Windows 10 users which gives you a visual tutorial and offers step-by-step guides which are easy to follow by anybody. Powered by Cortana, this Cortana Show Me, offers common tasks tutorials right upfront including changing desktop background, connecting to Bluetooth device, and so on.

Many a time when you are stuck with basic things on your Windows 10 PC, you either end up searching on the internet, or you call someone who is good with a computer. This is where it will help.

Cortana Show Me App for Windows 10

Cortana Show Me App for Windows 10

The features of this app in a nutshell are:

  • Step-by-step guidance for more than 50 Windows settings.
  • Quickly access guides by searching in the app for your desired setting, or browsing by category.
  • Replay any guide if you missed a step or simply want to view it again.
  • It will also display steps in text format which will make it easier in case you missed something.

What I really like about this app is the visual guide. After you select one of the tasks from the list, it will start downloading the guide, and then Cortana takes control of the PC and does the task step by step, and completes the task. I am sure when you try for the first time, it would feel weird.

Cortana will keep narrating the steps using audio, move the cursor, and interact with buttons to show you how to do it. That said, it will need user interaction depending on use case. If you want to connect to a WiFi, you will have to select the WiFi you want to join and enter the password. The same goes for Bluetooth. The Cortana Show Me app will enable the Bluetooth for you, and then ask you to select the device you want to connect.

Here is a small list of where it can help you:

  • Update Windows
  • Check if an app is installed
  • Uninstall an app
  • Change your desktop background
  • Use Airplane Mode
  • Change your display brightness
  • Add nearby printers or scanners
  • Change your default programs
  • Change your screen resolution
  • Turn off Windows Defender Security Center
  • Run a security scan
  • Change Wi-Fi settings
  • Change your power settings
  • Discover Bluetooth devices
  • Check your version of Windows

Cortana is natively integrated into the OS, and it only makes sense for Microsoft to make this feature available to all, as part of the OS.

Microsoft is also taking feedback from the app everytime you try it out. Download it from here.

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