Copyright free music for YouTube videos which you can use

The second largest search engine in the world, YouTube, allows users to upload videos from anywhere. However, one thing uploaders should keep in mind that they have to upload unique videos as videos may get removed from YouTube if they upload copyrighted material. YouTube has a quite powerful crawler that searches for unique music in every video on YouTube. Hence, if you add copyrighted audio in the background of your video and upload that to YouTube, your video may get deleted from YouTube and your account may get banned for a long time. Therefore, you need to use music that you own! Here is a list of some sites where you can download best royalty-free copyright free music for YouTube and other video channels.

Copyright free music

Although YouTube has a quite large collection of music what can be used but as they are default audios, they have become very common among YouTubers. Therefore, check out these websites to download copyright free music for YouTube and other sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

1] Musopen

Best websites to download royalty free music for YouTube

Musopen has probably the largest collection of royalty free music for YouTube. You do not have to go through any sign-up process to download music from Musopen. It has a completely separate category where you can find copyright free music. There are several search filters i.e. composer, performer, instrument, time, form and so on. You can choose any filter and get music. Most of the music of Musopen are instrumental, which is pretty good for personal videos. However, you may have to go through three web pages to download a single audio from this site.


Copyright free music

Like Musopen, IMSLP also allows users to use plenty of search filters as the music collection is very big in size. You can have various filters such as composer, nationality, time period, melody, instrumental, etc. Downloading music from IMSLP is really easy. However, before downloading the music, you can also listen to it. The best part is it shown the copyright license (e.g. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0) on the same page so that you can know how to give the credit to the music. It comes with a dedicated search box where you can search for a particular composer or language of a song/music.

3] Incompetech

Incompetech Best websites to download royalty free music for YouTube

Imcompetech also is a pretty good repository of music. If you need instrumental audio, this site is probably the best option for you. You can get music in different categories including Electronic, Rock, World, and others. In each of the categories, you can find sub-category so that you can obtain the actual music what you are in need of. All the music of Incompetech are holding Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, which means you must have to give the credit to the original source and in return, you can edit the music according to your requirements.

4] Bensound

Bensound Best websites to download royalty free music for YouTube

Bensound is no less than any of the sites above. You can find a large collection of royalty free music for YouTube and other online sites. Obviously, this is possible to find audio using filters such as folk, cinematic, pop, corporate, electronic, jazz and more others. It has a one-click download option. However, you should know that Bensound’s music are attributed by Creative Commons 3.0. However, if you do not want to or cannot give creative to the original source, you may have to purchase the song. But, as long as you can give credit, Bensound is free for you.

5] DigCCMixter

DigCCMixter download royalty free music for YouTube

The specialty of DigCCMixter is you can search for music for gaming and other purposes. Generally, we opt for electronic or rock music when we need to add it to the background of any gaming related videos. However, this website helps you to find best audios for gaming and other purposes. Apart from that, you can use plenty of filters including instrumental, style, genres and more others. Under those categories, you can find more other sub-categories to find the best one for your video. Like the other sites above, DSigCCMister’s music, are also licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, and that means editing and using are allowed with proper credit.

6] Our Music Box

Our Music Box download royalty free music for YouTube

Our Music Box is yet another awesome site to download royalty free music for YouTube. All the audios of this site are being distributed under Creative Commons 4.0, which means, you have to give proper credit to share, use and edit the audio. Talking about the music, you can download any music using just one click. Before, you can search for your proper audio by filters, which include children, classical, jazz, pop, vocal, world and much more.

There are many other sites where you can find copyright free music for YouTube. Nevertheless, these are probably the best sites, where you do not have to worry about the copyright issue.

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