Concenturio is a freeware Alarm Reminder for Windows PC

For many of us, our day typically starts with the sound of our alarm ringing and reminders showing our engagements for the day. As such, carefully-set alerts and reminders can come handy in managing the day-to-day events. Concenturio, a freeware alarm reminder for Windows has been designed with this purpose in mind. So, let’s look at this interesting — and certainly helpful app.

Concenturio Alarm Reminder for Windows

Alerts and notifications have become an important part of our daily routines. Having the right tool at hand, capable of planning and organizing it can make the task seemingly manageable. Programs like Concenturio specialize in this. It is quite light in weight application (file size of just 3.94 MB). When installed, it helps you complete all your tasks on time.

The time management solution offers several functions such as showing reminder windows and playing audio files of your own choice.

Once you install the application successfully, you can access two tabs,

  • For creating an individual task
  • For creating a list of tasks.

The functionality of each tab, however, remains the same. For instance, when defining a new task, the user simply must enter the time when the event is due, and a reminder text, alongside an alarm.

Having all this information entered, Concenturio will save the task. If you choose to create multiple tasks i.e., a list of tasks, you will get even more options to configure like setting recurrences (run every day or only on certain days of a week).

You can also customize your reminder with a description and enable an audio alarm via a popup window for the same so that you don’t miss out on any deadline. There are multiple alarm sounds options available. You can also select a desired audio file as an alarm. The application is currently available in English, French, German, Hungarian.

Concenturio is a freeware Alarm Reminder for Windows PC

The only thing I found missing in this nifty application is that there’s no option for protecting the program’s settings and tasks with a password. A such, even an unauthorized user can have access to it.

That apart, the application is good for common use. Download it from the Home page.

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