5 Free Computer Software for Color Blindness

Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency, is the inability to see color distinguish colors. Color blindness affects a large number of individuals across the world, with approximately 8% of all Caucasian males and 0.5% of females experiencing problems with some forms of color deficiency. This means that 1 of 20 users may not be able to see a website in its full beauty. For these viewers with color blindness, the text and images may be fuzzy and unrecognizable. Fortunately, there are numerous assistive software products for color blind people using Windows computer. Five of them have been discussed below.

Computer Software for Color Blindness

Computer Software for Color Blindness


Visolve by Ryobi Systems Solutions is a software that uses filters to allow better differentiation between colors by making colors lighter and darker or increasing the saturation. In addition to color conversion, Visolve also has color filtering and hatching capabilities. By doing so, it enhances the accessibility and usability of digital content.  Visolve is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and iPhones. I can be downloaded from here.


Daltap is an assistive software by Glenn Heylen that comes with many useful features. Its naming feature gives the name of the color at the tip of the cursor while also enabling the user to enlarge or zoom in the area around the mouse. An extremely popular and useful feature of Daltap is the flashing feature which shows where a selected color is on the screen. It can be downloaded from here.


ColorBlindExt is a Firefox add-on that helps color blind people while browsing the web, by processing images and text on the page according to the type of color blindness the user suffers from. After installation of the software, users are encouraged to take the color blindness test that helps identify the type of color blindness the user suffers from. The filter gets set according to the test result but can also be changed anytime. I can be downloaded from here.


EyePilot is another software that comes with several different types of filters. Along with the usual flashing and name filters that flash a selected color and show the name of the color that the mouse points at respectively, eyePilot has a gray filter. The gray filter helps in better identification of colors by graying out all colors except the one color chosen by the user. In addition to this, eyePilot’s hue filter can change the saturation of colors, thus increasing the contrast between them. I can be downloaded from here.


WhatColor is a freeware that enables users to identify colors by selecting pixels. The program magnifies an area around the cursor from which the user can select some pixels to identify. The program will then tell the user the color of the selected pixel is, along with providing an RGB value for it. WhatColor, however, suffers from some limitations. Given its use in identifying and notifying the color to the user, it can come in handy if color blind users need to refer to colors in a document; or if another document or page refers to specific colors that might otherwise not be clear. Further, it can only be used with Windows 7, 8 and 10. I can be downloaded from here.

Hope you find them useful.

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